Shape your future with one of the most innovative companies in Estonia

3. October 2018

Shape your future with one of the most innovative companies in Estonia

In 2030, all rural municipalities in Raplamaa will be covered with smart roads that gather all kinds of information about routes, loads, means of transport and habits. A dream or utopia?

Twenty self-steering tractors are ploughing the fields of South-Estonia in 2026, and only one smart farmer is controlling these. And when he takes a nap, an algorithm is doing it for him that will invite the farmer to the field in the morning in case of a small error. Can it be done? Or does it sound too crazy?

Cortana, who is familiar from the Halo video games, is taking you to the hidden locations in night-time Tallinn in the mixed reality, being a “live Google“ or an entertainer overflown with sarcasm. Yes or no?

If you selected the first version – you are most welcomed to join Ajujaht. Technology – especially the semi-mythic 5G and artificial intellect enable to shape these and several other ideas into reality.

The question primarily lies on doers – who will undertake and start forming an efficient Estonia into the sci-fi state that for us is the daily reality in the future but an enviable example for the others?

If you feel that practical and bold future concepts that need the help of technology are concerning you – do not hesitate, submit them to Ajujaht! Besides Ajujaht, Elisa will support your team with testbase, means and also later with analysis, if needed. There is only one criterion – do not quit on the way.

Submit your idea to Ajujaht latest on October 28th, 2018 here.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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