Top 30

Here you will find the list of the 2016/2017 season’s Top 30 teams and a brief overview of their business ideas. All the descriptions have been written by the teams themselves.

  • Avionica Harjumaa

    In Avionica, we believe that flying drones should be safe and simple. We are building transponders for drones to help their operators to comply with regulations and enhance safety in aviation. The coordination of drone flights and getting flight permits takes days or even weeks. Drones are not visible to aviation and improper usage can cause aviation safety issues. Identifying drone owners is a pain in the backside. Our product is a small and affordable transmitter that makes drones visible to aviation and Air Traffic Control by transmitting GPS coordinates, altitude and ID. The device is easy to use, just attach it to your drone and you’re ready to fly. Our clients are professional drone operators with last-minute drone flight needs i.e. for aerial photography and filming, who can not plan their drone flights days in advance. Our initial target market is European Economic Area. Being standards-compliant makes our product scalable worldwide.
  • BrainText Tallinn

    Making educating ourselves more entertaining than entertainment itself is one of the most imperative issues of the 21st century. That is why at BrainText, we have made it our mission to make digital reading more interesting and efficient than ever before. We will start by making it easy to save the most important sentences to an archive by simply clicking on them instead of selecting and copy pasting. It is vital that people could learn their archive fast. That will be made possible by searching text from the archive in the matter of seconds. Then it can be listened with a text-to-speech feature. That will make it possible to learn using any digital device - anywhere, anytime. We see the future, where personalized summaries are created based on which sentences people have archived the most and highlights from news articles being saved using a web browser extension. We wish to expand to the largest university cities in Europe ASAP as our base customers will be university students and professors. Currently they suffer by printing out hundreds of pages monthly so they could physically highlight text, because there is no simple way to do it digitally. As the CEO, Markus Milder is the perfect example of someone who started loving reading once he discovered the useful way to do it - by saving the best parts and constantly repeating them.
  • Tallinn is a professional video-, audio- and live chat midwife consultation service which is available 24/7 and doesn't require booking an appointment. We are aiming our service at the US market, where the fetal and maternal mortality rate is the highest in developed countries, because of expensive and hard to reach medical services. Anonymous live chat consultations are aimed at teenagers, who are often ashamed of asking advice from parents or professionals. With this, we are trying to lower the abortion and STD rate among younger people. A very important branch of our service is the self-diagnosis and treatment guideline platform that we are developing for our consumers and which is based on scientific algorithms that we have compiled. This platform will be sold as a mobile app to consumers and as a treatment guidelines to medical schools, clinics and hospitals. Simply put, it is a digital doctor which uses scientific algorithms for giving diagnoses and treatment guidelines.
  • Cody Tartu

    Cody is like Lingvist for coding languages. Cody is a coding study platform, that connects the theory to practice. The student needs to read the theory from a web textbook and afterwards practices the theory through interactive exercises: studying from flashcards, predicting the output of a code, filling in the empty blanks in a brack of code, debugging. Whenever the user doesn't know the answer or it is incorrect, another similar exercise will be added, because this is the best way to learn - learning from your own mistakes. If the exercises are finished, the student has to write his own program. Studying with Cody differs from other competitors by having better teaching methods and a personal approach. Four members of the team study coding in a university every week, the fifth member holds a Master in IT. The team is led by Kaspar Kuus - a 19-year-old Computer Science student at the University of Tartu.
  • ConcTex Tile OÜ Läänemaa

    ConcTex Tile OÜ has developed together with universities an innovative and tested building material. Damp-proof surface tiles decorated by textile distinguish from other similar products by the materials used. In addition to durability, resistance to moisture and low maintenance, the qualities of the tiles include versatile design and the measurements up to the height of the dwelling’s floor. The product is characterised by the pattern combinations and bright colours, which are typical only for textile and which other surface tiles do not imitate. The surface tile is suitable to use both in wet spaces and other indoors – for instance, in front halls, hallways, kitchens and fire rooms. Textile is one of the main materials used to make clothing and its novel use gives the tiles a distinguishing design due to its different colours and patterns. The broad variety of textile provides the client with a possibility to choose a suitable material, and to have a quality tile does not necessarily require having a high-quality textile. The tiles decorated by textile give a possibility to express emotions, because it enables to use new or used textile materials that the client has an emotional bond with. Unlike other interior tiles, there is a possibility to produce textile-decorated tiles with very big measurements, by offering thematic final interior solutions, for instance, to cover the whole space, wall, ceiling or some part of it with the tiles. Within the product development a patent-worthy product was created. We acknowledge the cooperation between the companies and higher education institutions.
  • E-dible Harjumaa

    E-dible a social enterprise where the purpose is to reduce food waste. The EU estimates that 88 billion tonnes of food is wasted in Europe per year costing €143 billion and growing. It was estimated by the Stockholm Environment Institute that Estonian citizens waste €63 million of food per year. We collect donations of food from supermarkets, growers, wholesalers, and other caterers which we will transform into high quality dishes at our showcase Tallinn café. Customers will ‘Pay what they can’ to prove the concept of reciprocity and trust in this sector in Estonia It is a payment model proven to work in other parts of the world. We will use multiple food conservation methods, freezing, pickling, salting, curing, canning and drying and innovative food management systems in the kitchen. Otherwise left over food will be composted. Nothing will be left to waste. We will provide employment for long-term unemployed. We have started to collect and devise recipes which will be published for sale and we will offer cookery courses to show what is possible with the left over stuff in our fridges and cupboards. We will run kids parties as we understand that through educating children they will exert influence over their parents to reduce waste at home. E-dible is ethical, economically viable, environmentally sustainable and we are all in some way accountable. Through e-dible we can start to solve the problem of food waste without sacrificing quality.
  • Fanvestory Tallinn

    What if you could invest and earn long-term revenue from your favorite songs and artists? This is exactly what Fanvestory offers! For the first time, we bring stock market principles, simplicity and transparency to the IP (intellectual property) industry, which has traditionally been a complicated and closed setting, far from the reach of fans. As our name suggests, Fanvestory takes crowdfunding to a new level by bringing together (i) investor-minded fans and (ii) artists or organizers of creative projects who are willing to share proportion of their (intellectual) property in return for cash up-front.
  • Finisher.TV Harjumaa

    Finisher.TV creates a personalized video for every finisher to create lasting memories from any timing sports event. Our solution makes sports events more attractive for participants, organizers and sponsors as paricipants will have personal video of their achievement, organizers can invite them to look from their webpage and sponsors will benefit from having their logo and offers shown to everyone. Team is leaded by video marketing specialist Reigo Kimmel and Andre Allese, who is a long time professional in sports video production.
  • Gneissform vineervalamud Tallinn

    Gneissform brand is using natural rubble stone to bend plywood and thus create unique plywood sinks. Products are designed to trendy design enthusiasts, who wants to experience the quaint design solution.
  • Greenball Tartu

    Greenball is air filled greenhouse made from special plastic film. Greenhouse is priced reasonably, packed to be compact and very easy to install. It can be easily moved to a new spot if needed. Greenball offers multilayer vacuum technology. Multilayer means that to achieve strength and good thermal isolation the material is structured by pressure and vacuum. All you need is a car tire pump or a small air compressor to fill the greenhouse and provide the necessary rigidity of the frame tubes. The plastic film is selected such that it is able to withstand weather, it will be printable, and to keep the product costs low. Vacuum insulated outer layer can help the greenhouse to function in artic conditions. Greenhouse has an integrated irrigation system, day-heat savings tank, fanning sequence and integrated lighting capabilities. Similarly to a tent the greenhouse has to be fixed to the ground with pegs/screws. Plants and flowers can be printed on the greenhouse to make it more attractive when its offseason. The frame is constructed into separate sections, and therefore the greenhouse does not collapse if one of the sections is damaged. Greenhouse is in shape of a dome so that we get maximum air volume with the smallest surface area. Dome is also the best shape to withstand high wind conditions. Rainwater is collected by integrated gutters to be used for watering.
  • Greencube house factory Läänemaa

    Greencube house factory offers a rapidly collapsible building, mainly for crisis regions. The building has a 10 cm thick heat-proof wooden wall, a window that opens two ways, and a lockable front door. It is possible to order additional components, such as a variety of electronic devices, sanitary installations necessary for life, as well as appliances needed for cooking. Even a layperson can assemble the honeycomb-shaped building within just a few hours using only a screwdriver. The size of the building is 12.5 square meters, which gives the building an optimal price-quality ratio. Strength calculations have been made for the construction to guarantee that the buildings are strong and secure. The buildings are packaged so that they can be transported in shipping containers and, if necessary, even by helicopter. The packaged buildings can be stored on top of each other in a way that they are ready for use even after several decades. The building structure can be made either more or less heat-proof according to what is requested. Due to the practical shape of the building, they can also be used in various other social areas. The team leader is Henri Bekmann, the head of Greencube LLC.
  • HackMotion Latvia

    Smart clothing that helps snowboarders train. Our product is hardware-enhanced under-suit. We track and measure body movements via sensors embedded in clothing and provide pre-recorded audio feedback on how to improve riding technique.
  • Tallinn is a powerful online industrial product search engine to offer producers and buyers the ability to find quickly and effectively a healthy number of clients. is targeted at 22 million SMEs in the EU who are seeking for opportunities to expand their client base and find new suppliers to optimize costs.
  • MARKUS Tartu

    MARKUS is an AI agent, which helps stores and shopping centres to get to know their customer. While online stores have been profiling clients for years, brick and mortar stores are still stuck in the last century. MARKUS is here to change this. MARKUS uses video streams to profile customers’ age, gender and conversion rate. Using this data, companies can assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns. MARKUS uses deep learning, which is often able to extract information from visual data better than humans. This makes MARKUS superior to the competitors both in terms of technology and gain in effectiveness to the client.
  • Metsur Tartu

  • Merkuur OÜ Harjumaa

    Merkuur OÜ is developing mobile workshops with the purpose of introducing young people the different professions, work practices, and tools of the metal and wood sector, and offering hands-on opportunity to test the work tasks associated with these professions in order to raise young people's career awareness and competitiveness in the fields of technology and engineering. Our company wishes to give young people the chance to gain real experience in the area of work connected to these professions through active participation. We are taking the mobile workshop with an instructor to young people. Young people tend to not choose to study the professions in the metal and wood sector and rarely pick the career of an engineer, so the Estonian industry lacks qualified workforce. We bring the practical learning experience connected to entrepreneurship in the fields of technology to young people in order to expand young people's career awareness in choosing their future specialities. The initiator and promoter of the idea of mobile workshops is Lauri Soosaar, who is a qualified product development engineer at TTÜ (Tallinn University of Technology) and has long-term international sales and production experience.
  • MovePrep Tallinn

    MovePrep secures living spaces for expat professionals in new cities. MovePrep matches the renting needs of expats and homeowners. In short, MovePrep helps you rent like a local.
  • MoveX Tartu

    Our ambition is to develop an application that helps to bring together the logistics and transportation company with the client in need.
  • Network Planner Tartu

    Network Planner is a web-based service which enables website owners to identify the best locations around the world to place their web servers in order to achieve the fastest overall page load times for their users.
  • Poirot Systems Tallinn

    All of us understand, how important it is to control the flow of alcohol in our business - all of it’s movements, it’s consommation, and, of course, control of people, who is actually selling it. It doesn’t matter, where is it being sold - trendy bar, nightclub or a golf club, restaurant, hetel, casiono; just a single bar or ten bars in one building or bar network - we want to know, what is going on with our “liquid” money. That is why we need an absolut, constant, precise and total control, as that is a “blood” of our businesses and that is our money. Poirot Systems is an alcoholic beverages management, inventory control and loss prevention system, which, as we really believe, will help everyone, who is involved in alcohol business. System’s main advantages are: speed, accuracy, cost reduction. As calculation is a basis of any measurement, bar control’s basis is an inventory - an indispensable process for a busines owner and absolutely hateful for barmen - these, who is actually doing it. There are three participants in a process of inventory: barman - manager - owner. That is a reason, why our system is developed with graded approach, taking into account most of the problems of all participants of a process. Three levels of full control!
  • Power Cost Tutor Tartu

  • Prizza Tartu

    Prizza or Protein Pizza is the first healthy pizza in Estonia, which changes fast food as we know it. Pizza's good qualities, like its rapidity, simplicity and taste, are kept, but the unhealthy factor is removed. Prizza contains vast amounts of protein and fibre, but less carbohydrates, calories and up to 5 times less fat than other pizzas. In addition, Prizza is completely gluten free and made from natural ingredients. Prizza is perfect for a person that loves tasty food, but also cares about the quality their own healthiness. In 10 minutes a classic delicious fast food can be eaten, which is now healthy, thanks to Prizza.
  • Põll Tartu

    Team Põll is devising chef aprons with radiant barrier and cooling effect. The aprons are designed as practical workwear for chefs and modern cooking enthusiasts. Multidisciplinary team involves several professionals including designers, economist and materials engineers.
  • Senior Gym Tartu

    Senior Gym is a project aiming to popularize regular physical activity among middle-aged and elderly population and reduce costs on healthcare as a result. The core of our project is opening a gym suitable for middle-aged and elderly people for supervised regular physical activity. This also involves weight training among elderly- a novel approach to senior training in Estonia. Weight training is a scientifically proven method to reduce risk of falling and improve independent mobility in elderly population. We wish to operate as a trustworthy partner institution to the medical system, where we implement the “exercise on prescription” by general practitioner model as it is known in the Nordic countries. It is our ambition to be a physical activity center every general practitioner knows and feels confident to refer their patients to. Our target group is middle-aged and senior population, people who wish to preserve their health, working ability or independent coping. Our clients may have chronic illnesses but they are not in need of active rehabilitation services. We make it easy, safe and motivating for a person to pick up a more active lifestyle. We offer guidance from physical therapists and physical activity counceling, our pilot will launch in Tartu but we are hoping to expand to Tallinn as well. The Senior Gym project is lead by physical therapists of Tartu University Hospital and Tartu University MSc students Eeva-Liisa Sibul and Eda Vallimäe.
  • Tark Energia Harjumaa

    Tark Energia installs smart radiators into houses which use electrical heating. The devices have integrated computers which run cloud services for IT clients and create heat. For cooperation the clients are partly compensated for the used electricity. This results in an immediate saving for the client without making an investment.
  • Topsiring Tallinn

    The aim is to replace single use plastic cups with reusable ones in public events, coffee shops and fast food places. Around 200 000 disposable cups are thrown away every day in Estonia. Cups are produced in Estonia, have colourful designs and smart chips enabling automated returning. When buying a drink in a cup, deposit money 2 euros is paid. When returning your cup, the same money is paid back to you.
  • TempID Harjumaa

    TempID is one-time use smart-sticker that measures and records body temperature and includes patient ID. Registered temperature values are readable with mobile device. Product is useful in hospitals and hom usage. TempID is rising temperature measuring accurancy, recorded data frequency and lowering nurses workload by automatically measuring patients body temperature. TempID also makes patient hospital stay more comfortable - less procedures, no wired equipment if frequent measurements are needed. For home usage, TempID gives opportunity to rise accurancy and frequency of baby feaver measuring and monitoring, with 1 click You can send Your baby health data to Your doctor.
  • Vaga Aed Harjumaa

    Vaga Aed produces and distributes dry sourdough and green powder of freeze-dried nettle. With dry sourdough we make a revolution in home breadmaking. Our dry sourdough contain live lactic acid bacteria, such as the traditional sourdough. Bacteria are selected through a careful selection of the flour and the water started in a spontaneous leaven during the upgrade process. Whole process takes place in just one step. Also, there is no need to leave any small pieces of dough for bread only works for the next bread cooking. Using dry sourdough we can quarantie the stability of the quality of bread. Our green powder is good supplemet for smoothies, soups, omelettes, etc. Nettle power can be safe way to achieve green color in the food- and pharmaceutical industry. In collaboration with Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies we find out the correct data and nutrient content of our products. First, we want to succeed in estonia and we will focus Sweden.
  • VITS: Virtual Working Environment Specialist Tallinn

    VITS or Virtual Working Environment Specialist is a software which helps companies manage their health and safety documentation more easily. Every company must have a dedicated person to undertake the tasks of a working environment specialist. Often these tasks have been assigned as a supplementary responsibility to an employee of the company. Using the Virtual Working Environment Specialist makes compiling and filling out safety documentation more convenient and allows the employee to devote more time to their main job. This kind of software is invaluable for companies who do not have the resources to buy in the services of a working environment specialist, but who want workplace safety to be managed systematically and that all the necessary documentation be stored in one easily manageable location.
  • Woodprint Võrumaa (Rõuge)

    Woodprint creates and sells photographs printed on quality wood. Meaningful family portraits will add to your home interior and will keep the valuable memories alive. Printing on wood increases the value of the photo, let it be by using wooden handmade frames or even printing on the wooden surface. Printing on wood is a clever choice if you like to present your photos in a special way. The main customers of Woodprint are mothers of families who want to enjoy their valued photos on the walls of their homes. We sell our products to families with children and photographers in Europe. Our products can be purchased through our online shop. We also offer our help with choosing the best suitable photographs and location for placing your print. Woodprint is a family run business located in Rõuge, Estonia, run by Grethe Rõõm and Taavi Karu, parents of four children. Grethe’s passion for photography and Taavi’s passion for turning the captured moments into meaningful wood prints create products which are special to everyone.

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