Prize fund

The value of the Ajujaht prize fund is over 300,000 euros and each team that enters the next stage is already a winner.

TOP 20

Teams who have reached the accelerator programme will gain access to the accelerator programme package.
This includes access to the Ajujaht network (mentors, supporters, partners, experienced founders), as well as special offers from various supporters and ecosystem partners, such as using the cloud services of Amazon for up to 10,000 USD, NVIDIA’s AI/ML start-up products/services, tickets to various events, discounts, etc. New offers are constantly added to the list!


The most important thing is to reach a wider audience in the TV show after making it past the accelerator programme, which is a value in itself. In addition, we have another very big bonus for teams that have reached this stage: we will organise a mission abroad for the representatives of the teams that have made it to the TV stage.

We will choose the exact location with the needs of the teams that have applied for the accelerated programme in mind: be it a high-level international conference or a mission-related to a specific market.

TOP 3 and special prizes

The prize money will be awarded to the best teams at the beginning of Ajujaht at various preliminary events and at the end of the TV show stage.
The winner will receive at least 30,000 euros and the second and third place will also receive worthy prizes. In addition, sponsors will award special prizes to all start-ups that have made it to the accelerator programme.


The best teams have always been able to raise money to support their development after or during the Ajujaht accelerator programme. For the third season in a row, we have put together a syndicate in cooperation with the Estonian Business Angels Network, investing 150,000 euros in one to three of the best start-ups. The decision is made by the business angels, and it is up to the start-up to decide whether to accept the investment.

Initiated by

The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

Initiated by: EAS