Accelerator programme

Ajujaht is a no-holding world-class accelerator programme, the most intense part of which runs from June to the end of September with a short break at the end of July.

The accelerator programme involves 20 selected teams and consists of bootcamps, training, experience stories, and personal mentoring. The programme places particular emphasis on a founder-to-founder approach and the involvement of key mentors to provide individual support to participants throughout the programme. The programme takes place both physically and online.

The best nine teams will continue to compete after the accelerator programme in the ERR TV show Ajujaht, the winner of which will receive 30,000 euros. The TV show helps to introduce the products and services of the participants to the general public, thereby marketing the start-up for free during the competition.

The Ajujaht organising team supports all teams participating in the programme on an ongoing basis by directing them to the appropriate investors, accelerators, incubators, and other contacts and organisations needed to start a business both during and after the accelerator programme.


The start-ups participating in the Ajujaht competition will be introduced to our network of mentors at the beginning of the programme. One of the first events in the development programme is MentorMeetUp, where all teams can get to know the mentors better and find a suitable mentor based on the specifics and field of their business idea. The mentors’ guide and advise their teams throughout the accelerator programme.
The mentors include well-known start-ups, investors, network members, and top experts from the supporters of Ajujaht. Learn more about the mentors here.

TV show Ajujaht

The Ajujaht competition involves a TV show consisting of eight episodes, which monitors the development of the teams during the accelerator programme and introduces the start-ups to the Estonian people. The TV show will put the teams to the test and find out the best ones on their way to becoming the winner of Ajujaht.

The TV show will be broadcast on ERR from October to December, and the teams will be supported by the well-known presenter Kristo Elias on their journey to victory.

Joint events

Ajujaht is not just hard work – it also allows the participants to join a network, which is why, in addition to training and development, we also place significant emphasis on joint ventures and the exchange of experiences. We organise joint events and theme nights, get together for the exciting final, and share both joys and challenges. Together with the representatives of the teams that made it to the TV show, we will embark on a journey to discover a market abroad.

Network and contacts

As the oldest and best-known accelerator programme in Estonia, we consistently cooperate with the start-up community, umbrella organisations, and several initiatives and event organisers both in Estonia and abroad. Ajujaht offers participants various inexpensive and convenient opportunities to participate in conferences (e.g., MELT, sTARTUp Day, etc.), pitching events (EstBAN pitch, etc.), and much more.

Initiated by

The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

Initiated by: EAS