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Here you can meet all Top 30 teams and their business ideas.


  • EasyHybrid

    EasyHybrid Tallinn

    It is an installable device for all engines (trucks, buses, ships, etc.) that turns the vehicle hybrid. Vehicles with internal combustion engines are fitted with an electric engine/generator, a battery pack and a unique EasyHybrid artificial intelligence based self-learning software. The goal of the team is to reduce the use of non-renewable fossil fuels (petrol, diesel) and to minimise the amount of exhaust emissions. Car electrician Breit Pata is responsible for the technical side of the project. Kristjan Pata is responsible for IT, programming and everything related to that field. Jarmo Mätnikov is the general manager of the project.


  • Checkspot

    Checkspot Tallinn

    This application is the most convenient, affordable and fastest solution to find the nearest places to dine. In the 1.17 trillion euros (US, Europe) market for catering services, the team is focused on solving two major problems: empty seats during day (demand based pricing) and order forecasting (predictive ordering technology).
  • Cognitive Billboard

    Cognitive Billboard Tallinn

    Cognitive Billboard is a software platform that allows outdoor advertising sellers to deliver demographically targeted advertising. The real-time image recognition technology of Cognitive Billboard detects the age group and gender of passers-by and shows advertisements according to that. The advertising buyer gets a statistical overview of which demographic groups have seen the advertisement and to what extent and pays according to that. Today's time-based advertising space rental becomes from a value-based to a price-based service (how much advertising reaches the desired target group), which is more beneficial for both the advertising buyers and sellers. The founders of Cognitive Billboard are Oliver Stimmer and Markus Karileet. Oliver is a development manager with over 5 years of IT project management experience and is responsible for business development in the team. Markus is a software developer with over 10 years of experience and he is responsible for the operating technical solutions in the team.
  • CompAct

    CompAct Tallinn

    CompAct creates an interactive tool for companies and institutions that helps them save resources and costs. CompAct makes environmentally friendly behaviour easy and fun with small playful reminders and tasks that can be solved individually or in teams. To involve the staff, CompAct uses a chat robot (chatbot) that gives them daily reminders and tips. As a result, the company can save a significant amount of costs and create an environmentally friendly image for the company. In addition, it increases the employees' sense of belonging, motivation and productivity. This chat robot (chatbot) can easily be integrated with applications already in use in the company, such as Skype, Slack and Messenger. CompAct makes cost saving visual by giving employees and the company feedback on their daily progress. The team shares a common interest in sustainability and circular economy. The team has a strong business and environmental background. The founder of the team is Egle Truska and CEO is Kaisa Hansen.
  • Cookers/Eaters

    Cookers/Eaters Tallinn

    Cookers/Eaters is an app which helps you find homecooks nearby.
  • GoInvite

    GoInvite Raplamaa

    GoInvite is a person-to-person home events application that brings together hosts and visitors thereby creating a new home entertainment culture. Pubs and clubs are a thing of the past, open home events are the future. With the help of GoInvite, you can organise a board game night, a home concert, a cooking session, or other event. You can meet exciting guests and earn money. The idea of GoInvite was born from the passion of two sisters, Evelin and Enelin, to create a comfortable solution for people who appreciate more personal experiences, want to find new acquaintances and earn some extra income. The sisters are united by self-confidence and energy, which is supplemented by different pieces of knowledge. Evelin has over 10 years of experience as a marketing manager both in the entertainment and financial sectors, and Enelin has business and system analysis expertise in software development.
  • HIVE

    HIVE Tartu

  • HopKid

    HopKid Tallinn / Harku vald

    HopKid is a riding and accompanying service platform for organising a safe and enjoyable movement for children. HopKid solves the following problems: 1) planning and time spent on organising children's logistics cause stress for parents; 2) hobby education and other services are not available for children living away from the centres, which leads to inequality in development opportunities and time management; 3) the need to increase security in both traffic and transport; 4) reducing waste of resources – valuing everyone's time; reduction of environmental impact; increasing opportunities for additional earning; 5) people responsible for the movement of children and service providers do not find each other. HopKid enables children's taxi and accompanying service and environment for community-based ride-sharing planning and information exchange. The HopKid team consists of representatives from various fields, providing the necessary skills and competence for service development. Jana Valliste is responsible for marketing and training. Kristiina Sipelgas is also responsible for marketing and the design of the service. Tuuli Talvik deals with financing and help desk. Silver Aabjõe and Taavi Juursalu are engaged in technological development.
  • Tallinn develops an API (Application Programming Interface) economic software platform that brings together APIs for accounting software, e-shops, lenders, and more generally, financial technology solutions. If application interfaces help automate data exchange, reduce data entry errors, and bring data exchange in real time, the platform aggregating such APIs helps save time and money spent on building 1:1 integration. has grown out of necessity as the team also develops a cash management solution BudgetMatador, which is based on accounting and banking data. While there are already different platforms in the open banking field in development, there is no solution to interfere with economic software in the Baltic Sea region.
  • Parked.


    Parked. is basically Airbnb for trucks. Every day, nearly half a million long-distance truck drivers across Europe look for a place to park their car for their rest period. To find a free place you usually need to visit about four parking lots and it takes about two hours of valuable work time. It is a waste of time, fuel, and money, and causes excessive pollution. Parked. is a platform that aggregates parking spaces across Europe. The information is provided in real time and drivers are able to see the available spaces, distance to the parking place and additional facilities on site, such as a toilet and shower. Drivers can reserve their place in advance and end the day with peace of mind. Thanks to this solution, the driver can go further than otherwise and potentially reach the destination earlier, thereby saving a number of expenses. The team of Parked. has several years of business experience and they have all been former founders of startup companies.
  • SecureBadger

    SecureBadger Tallinn

    SecureBadger makes the letting of real estate more secure and more convenient through in-depth data analysis and machine training. Selection of tenants becomes easier and is based on analysis, not on instincts. An innovative background check calculates the probability of a rental payment failure and violation of contract terms. Thus, transparency and trust will increase – the landlord can be sure that the tenant uses the property prudently and pays on time. The CEO of SecureBadger is Teele Annus, who is responsible for the company's strategy and communication with customers to develop and deliver an exceptional product. The IT Development Manager of the team is Mikk Laos and he is responsible for the architecture, development and testing of the platform. The Head of Business Development at SecureBadger is Mari Topolev.
  • Stickify Tartu

    Stickify is a sharing platform that brings together car owners and media companies to create a sticker advertising placement option for cars. The platform has two parties: 1. service providers – car owners who want to passively earn extra income by renting the exterior of their car to advertise suitable messages in suitable sizes. The owner can choose which campaigns to participate in; 2. customers – advertising and media agencies that want to make their customers' products and messages efficiently visible in the city. The Stickify platform includes a customer interface through which they can select a suitable car for sticker advertising, geographical focus, and tools to measure and visualise the visibility of the campaign. The Stickify team consists of people with long-term business experience: Taavi Uudam (Key Account Manager), Helver Barrier (CFO), Reimo Daum (CTO), Peep Saar (CEO).
  • Toddler Tartu

    Toddler makes it easy and convenient to keep track of your child's development and record memories. Toddler is a secure 24/7 web-based baby blog application that allows parents to upload pictures, videos, and texts related to their child to a single environment. If there are more children in the family, their development can be viewed under one account. Saved memories can be shared with other family members in just a few clicks. The smart reminder system ensures that no significant development stage or memory is left unrecorded. The application provides parents with science-based information on the physical and psychological skills appropriate to the particular development stage. The information stored in the baby blog can later be arranged as a personalised baby book that can be ordered home if desired. Toddler is an ideal tool to help parents systematically record memories that are fun to remember for both the parents and, in the future, the children themselves. The Toddler's team believes that family is the greatest value and common moments worth saving.
  • WalkTalk Partners

    WalkTalk Partners Tallinn

    WalkTalk is the only geolocation-based language learning application in the region. By switching on WalkTalk, the smartphone displays expressions and phrases needed for communication in a particular situation – shop, café, street, and other. The first independent steps in learning a language are the most difficult ones, and this is where WalkTalk comes to the rescue. Academic research confirms that you can really learn a language when it is used in real situations.


  • Edible

    Edible Tartu

    Edible produces edible dining accessories, the main purpose of which is to replace plastic disposable cutlery. Team members include three senior students from Hugo Treffner Upper-secondary School: Georg, Brett and Tristan.
  • Edumus

    Edumus Tallinn

    Edumus is a programme through which professionals can contribute their knowledge and skills to the development of Estonian education by teaching one subject to one set of students in one school. The purpose is to diversify the education given for young people and to alleviate the shortage of teachers. In order to do this, specialists are found who have the prerequisites for teaching; they will be trained to be as comfortable as possible in the classroom and they are provided with counselling and support throughout the teaching process. This ensures both the quality of teaching and the balance between school, work and private life.
  • Võõras Sõber

    Võõras Sõber Harjumaa

    As of January 1, 2019, each company is required to supplement the workplace risk assessment with a psychosocial risk analysis and draw up an action plan for preventing and reducing the risks identified. As the helmet and gloves protect the worker from physical injuries, resources must be found to protect mental health, and this is what "Strange Friend" offers to businesses. "Strange Friend" is a new form of counselling that provides for up to three hours of confidential counselling session for an employee at the employer's expense to prevent and reduce mental health risks. "Strange Friend" has developed a system that allows the employee to remain anonymous (i.e. the information of the employee who used this service is not forwarded to the employer), and the employer only to pay for the actual sessions. It is also possible for the employer to determine the overall volume of counselling it can provide to its employees over a certain period of time. Counselling provides the employee with impartial feedback on their thoughts, ideas and problems in a safe and confidential environment, and enables the opportunity to look deeper inwards to set goals for better coping and adaptation to new situations, conditions, or people.


  • Frenzy protective tooth gel

    Frenzy protective tooth gel Raplamaa

    Frenzy protective tooth gel is a prevention tool against cavities designed for toddlers whose first teeth are cut. Supporting the child's oral hygiene by administering natural xylitol gel is safer for the child and more convenient for the parent as compared to breaking xylitol pastilles. With domestic means, it is almost impossible to assess the condition of your own or your children's teeth or to evaluate how well the teeth are brushed. But every parent wants to do everything possible to keep the child healthy and not let them suffer from pain. It is possible by the prevention of dental diseases. The efficiency of using a few grams of xylitol after each meal has already been recognised for decades. Finland has introduced this measure in their national health promotion program by handing out xylitol pastilles as a part of a meal both in nursery schools and schools. Team leader Hedy Lehtmets has acquired her master's degree in the area of epidemiology in Public Health Institute of the University of Tartu, her main area of research being the prevention of children's oral cavity diseases. Based on her previous learning and work experience, Hedy is convinced of the necessity and unavailability of full xylitol products for our people and has started selling xylitol pastilles in a web shop and in well-equipped dental centres. The feedback from professionals and clients has led to the idea of starting the production of xylitol gel for toddlers.


  • Groveneer Harjumaa

    Groveneer is a unique “pull-and-paste” natural oak wooden panel that enables to create a unique wall pattern or transfer an ordinary wall into a wooden wall easily and conveniently. The unique wooden panels are so easy to install that everyone can do it without any tools. Just pull off the protective layer, paste and it is done. Various shapes and sizes fit together so that each time a new and unique pattern is created. The number of potential combinations is virtually endless. Groveneer is already finished with hard wax oil and requires no further processing after installation. Maintenance is also easy – a lightly damp cloth is all you need. The team leader is Karl Saluveer, creator of Hmmm Creative Studio, and the chief designer is Mihkel Masso. The team also includes manager Kaupo Kala who has long-term experience in the field. The production and installation specialist for Groveneer is Heigar Kütt.
  • Kyproc

    Kyproc Tallinn

    Kyproc is an automated snow plow, that cleans snow when needed.
  • SUP Equipment Rental Machine

    SUP Equipment Rental Machine Harjumaa

    SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) is an automated equipment rental solution that allows you to start with the equipment rental business of one of the fastest growing leisure activities at a low cost, making the field – supping – more accessible to people all over the world. The team's goal is to sell its solution to waterfront recreation centres, hotels, resorts, and also to local governments around the world. Team leader Janek Tigane has long experience in export sales and, for the last three years, has been one of the leaders of a company called Suppama and the field of supping in Estonia. Team member Rando Rosenthal has a master's degree in product development and works as a designer and project coordinator at the Helsinki Shipyard.
  • VooreMET

    VooreMET Jõgevamaa

    VooreMET is a personal development service for farmers in Estonia, which consists of tractor coupling designing, supply chain management and intermediation of production service through a functioning cooperation network. The companies operating in this field in Estonia include engineering agencies that are not specialised in agricultural machinery, or mass production providers who do not offer special solutions to the customer. VooreMET wants to know what kind of equipment is lacking in Estonia and which have caused problems during use. As a result of VooreMET's work, well-suited coupling devices are produced in the area, made according to the needs and instructions of the farmers themselves. Thus, the focus is to create more favourable conditions for farmers by helping them optimise their production resources (time, energy and land). On the basis of farmers' feedback, the products are further developed and made safer. The team leader is Eero Merisalu, who has an agricultural background and 10 years of engineering experience.


  • LooseTrails Hiiumaa

    The Loosetrails application for independent travellers brings together visitor information that is collected from public databases (RMK (State Forest Management Centre), Google Maps, Facebook, etc.). The database is supplemented at the local level by a regional tourist official who checks and updates the collected information when necessary. The application allows the user to create a region-based travel plan within a predefined time frame according to their preferences, which include time of the visit, starting point and destination, and various categories of interest. The application draws up a journey with a time schedule of sights, places to eat and sleep and events. For example, a religious enthusiast can get a journey that includes churches, sanctuaries, and dining places, art lovers a journey that includes art exhibitions, etc. In rural areas, where such objects are located at large distances (Hiiumaa, Võru County, etc.), it is quite difficult to create a realistic travel plan. Information regarding the sparsely populated areas is often poorly available and incomplete and needs to be searched from a number of different sources. Loosetrails is designed for travellers who prefer digital solutions to paper form and for whom time, data accuracy and ease of access to information are crucial. The team leader is Taavi Juursalu who is also responsible for development work. The team also includes designer Kaarel Metsaots and advisor Anni Toom.
  • Drivest

    Drivest Tallinn

    Drivest is a person-to-person ride sharing platform, which brings together car owners who want to earn extra income, and people who do not have access to the vehicle when needed. Drivest equips all cars with "smart locks", which allows car doors to be opened by means of a smart phone and, unlike its competitors, they offer it for the car owners free of charge. The Drivest platform also provides an additional insurance cover for the rental period and a simple and convenient mobile application. The aim of the team is to offer the car owner an extra 200 euros per month on average and to make renting a car as easy as ordering Taxify. The service will start in Tallinn, on April 1, 2019, and at the end of the year, the entry to the Netherlands' market is planned. The team members include cyber security specialist Rasmus Välling, hardware and software developer Sander Suursalu and sustainable transport specialist and businessman Sander Ots.
  • Tallinn is a web-based environment that can be used to order the cleaning of clothing, shoes, furnishings and children's accessories. The customer only needs to select the items to be sent for cleaning, appropriate time for the courier service and confirm the order with payment. The free courier then arrives to collect the items and returns them according to the conditions chosen by the customer. Washi is environmentally friendly – cleaned clothing and footwear are delivered to the customer free of plastic packaging if so agreed with the customer. Customers can also return wire wound hangers and used but decent clothes that are taken to recycling centres free of charge. Washi also has a flexible schedule – the courier can pick up and return items for cleaning Monday through Sunday from 07:00 to 23:00. Washi can be used for cleaning a wide range of textile products: clothing, footwear, home textiles, baby carriages, and more. Washi offers quality as the cleaning staff include carefully selected professionals. The author of the idea and the leader of the team is Karin Rand, who has a background in finance and project management. Karin has worked in the most innovative organisations in Estonia, such as Garage48, Starship Technologies, Skype Technologies and others, bringing startup-related thinking to the cleaning sector.


  • ChessMove

    ChessMove Tallinn

    ChessMove is a chess training tool that consists of a wooden chessboard with sensors and a mobile application. The user plays an ordinary chess game, but thanks to the application that analyses the moves, feedback can be given on the mistakes made and recommendations for further training right after the game is finished. ChessMove makes chess training more comfortable and efficient. A physical board with sensors is required for recording and digitising the moves. Data exchange between the board and the application takes place via Bluetooth, and the board is equipped with a battery, so it does not require wiring for setup. Therefore, it is convenient to carry with you. The team plans to sell the product at around 80 euros per piece. The target markets for ChessMove include mainly Europe and North America with nearly 35 million chess players. So far, the team has introduced a prototype to various Estonian chess players and has received great praise. Team leader Adam Enok has been playing chess for 15 years and started to develop ChessMove for his own purposes. The other members include Hendrik Türk, who is involved in prototyping and programming, and Triin Vallner, a designer and a future architect studying at Estonian Academy of Arts.
  • EduScape

    EduScape Tallinn

    EduScape offers teachers an innovative way to make the lessons exciting and engaging. The EduScape escape game turns every classroom into an escape room! In the escape room, students solve problems in the curriculum to escape the classroom. The escape room kit includes a guide for the teacher, introductory worksheets, all the accessories for escape tasks, and reflection questions to map the acquired knowledge.
  • Lauamäng ALU

    Lauamäng ALU Tallinn

    ALU is an abstract grid-based strategy game for two players, the goal of which is to control a larger area than the opponent. To control the area, players use game buttons and various activities by spending a limited amount of available resources. The ALU board is made of wood and is completely tactile, so it is possible to play the game independently for people with deep visual impairment and motor disorders. As a result, people with special needs can feel themselves equal in every company. The game develops strategic thinking and planning skills. For the blind and visually impaired, it also develops the skills of reading on the surface and orientation. The team includes people with the knowledge and skills of graphic design, as well as a member specialised in marketing and sales.
  • Timey

    Timey Tallinn

    Timey toodab tarku “parim enne” indikaatoreid. Tootele või kastile kinnitatakse väike kleebis, mis värvub punaseks, kui toodet ei ole hoitud õigel temperatuuril. Lahendus põhineb keemilisel reaktsioonil, mis tähendab, et indikaator töötab ka elektrikatkestuse või muu sellise olukorra ajal, kus elektroonilised lahendused alt veavad. Seega on tegemist kvaliteediindikaatoriga, mis annab tarbijale lisakinnituse toote värskuse osas ja tootjale infot tarneahela kohta. Kliendiks on ettevõtted, kes toodavad jahutatud või külmutatud toiduaineid (nt piima- ja kalatööstus). Timey meeskond koosneb kolmest TalTechi keemiatudengist ja kolmest mentorist.
  • 99math Tallinn

    99math is a tool for teachers and it allows maths lessons to have greater enrichment through competitions.

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