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  • Aligner

    Aligner Tallinn

    The Aligner team is revolutionizing translation technology and making fast, high-quality translation available to each of us. The web-based environment allows for translation and modification of marketing materials, product terms, web page texts, and many other documents of various languages into specialized languages seven times faster than alternatives. Aligner brings two products to its users: a self-service portal where anyone can conveniently order translations, and software that allows you to use machine translation in addition to human translation, conveniently edit and distribute texts in all languages. This makes it possible to update already translated documents very quickly. In addition to developing translation software, Aligner brings together freelance translators worldwide who can provide translations in nearly 140 languages 24/7. While traditional services can take days to complete a translation, Aligner completes 85% of translation projects within 6 hours.
  • Alfred

    Alfred Tallinn

    Alfred is a tool to manage the company's data protection program. Information security processes are complex and time-consuming, and audits are a headache for professionals whose relationship with everyday work is difficult to grasp. Verification of compliance remains the responsibility of the individual, although it is the responsibility of each employee to ensure safety. Alfred is a tool that combines regulatory requirements with security measures, risks, and data assets, and helps you plan your day-to-day operations so that the information you need for an audit is created as a by-product of your work. With Alfred, you know exactly what's done, what's not done, and who should do what next. Alfred is backed by a 7-member team with years of experience in data protection, B2B software development, and product design.
  • DriveX

    DriveX Tallinn

    DriveX automatic inspection evaluates the condition of the vehicle quickly, accurately and affordably. Car rental and sharing are a rising trend. It is a growing problem to find out who used the car and when, and what the condition of the car was at the start and end of the use. DriveX has validated its idea with international rental companies, insurance companies, banks, car dealerships, and even car manufacturers. The DriveX team is experienced in the technology industry.
  • Gattai

    Gattai Tallinn

    Gattai spends much of its week searching for answers to two questions: how to make it easier for users to access different online and financial services without constantly having to send the same documents to different companies for verification, and how companies can significantly reduce new user verification costs and bring in more customers. Gattai will create a platform that connects fintech and web companies with one or more ID verification service providers and give users the ability to re-use their document verification in the future.
  • Hesu

    Hesu Tartumaa

    Hesu brings a hot dinner to the door every day. The user selects food and delivery times from the weekly menu. The chefs prepare the dishes, and the couriers deliver it. The Hesu service is designed for people with a busy lifestyle who would like to spend the evening cooking time with their family, reading a book, going to the gym or otherwise spending their free time. The founders of Hesu are Mart Vainu and Renee Kaine, who are also joined by chefs and mentors.
  • NetiKool

    NetiKool Tallinn

    NetiKool is an e-learning environment that helps more than 100,000 Estonians by enabling home-schooled students to obtain education regardless of their location and adults without upper secondary education to continue their interrupted education. The user can learn through video at his or her own pace, where in addition to the video material that overlaps with the regular school curriculum, he or she can also see demonstration exercises. The team has 4 members - Cathy Vivien Vahi (idea creator and business developer), Sigrid Kinguste (designer), Kristo Danilson (technical solutions) and Viivika Vahi (business model development and marketing).
  • YuMuuv Tartumaa

    YuMuuv is a digital platform for managing common challenges related to physical activity. More than identifying the best athlete, YuMuuvi's goal is to help everyone achieve the recommended level of physical activity. What makes this product unique is the use of a specific formula that measures people's activity in a uniform way, regardless of their preference for movement, physical parameters, or activity monitor brand. Accordingly, our clients are companies that want to reduce unnecessary costs in a way that simultaneously promotes the health and productivity of their employees.
  • Woodspot

    Woodspot Pärnumaa

    Woodspot is a web-based platform that brings companies active in the timber market into one environment. Today, purchase information is shared via email or telephone, and sellers of timber must manage all buyers' information at once. It is time-consuming and does not give a proper overview of the market. On the Woodspot platform, buyers of timber can conveniently share and modify their general purchasing information, and we also offer the possibility of special agreements. With the purchase information shared on the platform, the sellers will get a comprehensive view of the market for timber and the opportunity to find a buyer with the best price and transportation cost. Woodspot reduces the time companies spend searching for information and enables more profitable transactions. Our team includes software developer Kevin Janson, Risto Vaher with economic and logistics expertise, Paavo Vaher with long-term experience in the forestry sector, and designer Kaupo Kalda.
  • Sharewell Tallinn

    An environment where all new companies (especially start-ups and software development companies) can test their new features or developments with test users who meet their requirements.
  • Shipper

    Shipper Tallinn

    Shipper is a deposit service that makes online trading with strangers safer. The parties enter into an online agreement and choose the method of delivery. The buyer makes a payment to the Shipper environment, where the money remains on deposit until he or she has confirmed that the goods meet the expectations. In addition, Shipper offers a variety of solutions in cases of misunderstanding between buyer and seller. The Team Shipper plans to offer its service to smaller e-shops and to expand abroad. The team includes software developer Olavi Allik, graphic designer and copywriter Kalli Allik, marketing and finance Timo Jantson, and trainees.

Social enterprise

  • A Story

    A Story Tartumaa

    Story-telling gives colour to life and is a very important skill, influencing communication abilities and acquisition of reading skills. We want both teachers and parents to focus more on teaching children how to tell stories, as nearly 60% of children have great difficulty with storytelling. A Story is an application designed to teach 5-9 year-olds to tell stories through an animated series of images. The application is also useful for teaching children with special needs. The A Story team consists of 4 bright-eyed women who believe in storytelling: Kati Mäesaar (team leader), Kristina Kutsar (special education teacher), Eliise Vahi (children's book illustrator) and Pihel Saatmann (game developer).
  • Around the table

    Around the table Tartumaa

    Around the Table is an app and website that allows a foreigner to go to have a meal with a local family. The main clients are foreign students and specialists who have come to work in the country. Around the Table helps a foreigner integrate better with the local culture and enjoy cheap and cosy home food. It is also good for the local-host, as dining with a foreigner, expands your horizons, helps you practice foreign languages, and makes a routine meal an exciting cultural experience. The customer pays for the service through the app/website.
  • CommuniCare

    CommuniCare Tartumaa

    CommuniCare is a social network created through interpersonal relationships and technology. The company aims to encourage older people to interact with the outside world and make their last years of life worthwhile.
  • Köömen

    Köömen Tartumaa

    Köömen is a social enterprise that combines delicious food, social development, and refugee entry into the Estonian labour market. Köömen is a start-up platform whose development program provides new immigrants and refugees with initial work experience, practical language training, and a work culture. With our development program participants, we provide a national cuisine catering that provides an authentic and unique food experience and supports the development and integration of new immigrants into the community. Köömen's team includes refugees, local chefs, and integration experts.
  • Life Patch

    Life Patch Tartumaa

    Life Patch is a sticker that is attached to a life jacket or other clothing item that comes with the person. The mission of Life Patch is to transmit the coordinates of a person who is in water and in an emergency in order to direct the rescue to the right place as quickly as possible and increase the likelihood of rescue.
  • Parents Co-Working

    Parents Co-Working Tallinn

    Parents of babies and toddlers face a great challenge: they want to be engaged more in work and self-fulfilment, but it is very difficult to organize. It is difficult to concentrate at home, most child care institutions do not admit children under 1.5 years, and after all, the children are still so tiny that you do not want to have them too far from yourself. Parents Co-Working offers a solution: 1) child care, 2) a quiet work area and 3) a communicating area in adjacent soundproof rooms. A parent saves valuable time by getting everything they need in one place and can see their little ones right when they want. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, telecommuters, and people doing flexible work - this is an opportunity to experience what work-life balance means. The team includes three energetic mothers with backgrounds in driving societal change, child-related legislation, and business education.
  • Suunavari Harjumaa

    The studies do not provide a supportive overview of the content and choices of the various occupations. A job shadow day is not always a good solution. Suunavari creates a simulation game based occupation shadowing platform in partnership with industry-specific companies to give students the opportunity to make better choices in their field.

Health and medicine

  • Recovery Companion

    Recovery Companion Tallinn

    Mental health is very important in cancer treatment as the diagnosis is difficult, and the treatment slow, which in turn leads to increased anxiety, a feeling of isolation, and depression. This may adversely affect the effectiveness of the treatment. No one has to be alone on their journey. Recovery Companion is a platform that connects users according to diagnosis, treatment, and interests, creating meaningful one-on-one contact. The platform has a chatbot that complements the user's profile and suggests new contacts according to changes in diagnosis or treatment. RC is an easy-to-use, targeted, ad-free environment where users can feel safe and focus on what matters.

Industry and design

  • Pagerr Tallinn

    Pagerr helps save the environment with a special print optimization method that turns unused printing potential into new customers. Every day, about 50 tons of paper, or an average of 7% of the total printing output, are thrown away in Estonian printing houses alone, because there was nothing to print on the plate at the right time. Pagerr can offer customers up to a 4 times lower price because it uses paper that would otherwise be wasted, and the ordering process is quick and easy through the website. Printing houses will also benefit because, through this technology, they can earn 20 times more money for leftover paper compared to selling the paper to a buyer. The Pagerr team leader, Rudolf-Gustav Hanni, has 8 years of experience managing a publishing house. The team also has a printing expert, a developer working in Estonia's most successful start-ups as well as an excellent sales and marketing team.
  • Virtual factory of wooden houses

    Virtual factory of wooden houses Tallinn

    How could an average wooden house factory in Estonia accept projects ten times larger than itself? How could the average Estonian wooden house factory be able to participate in the construction procurement of EUR 100 million? The virtual factory of wooden houses takes the Estonian wooden house industry to the next level by creating a wooden house virtual factory, with which we can compete with the largest European manufacturers and participate in the largest European construction procurements.

Tourism and services

  • Experience Provision

    Experience Provision Tallinn

    The Experience Provision is a group of small business specialty students of the Tallinn School of Economics whose idea is to mediate experience trips and tourist couriers: to bring together tourists staying longer in Estonia who want a genuine experience of participation, and local authentic lifestyle providers. A record 2.1 million foreign tourists stayed in Estonian accommodation establishments in 2018. Unfortunately, most of these do not get beyond the hustle and bustle of cities (including Tallinn) and tourist attractions. The Experience Provision is a personal travel courier service that takes tourists also to become acquainted with the culture and people of rural Estonia, offering them the opportunity to get involved in the activities, thereby creating a memorable and genuine travel experience. Through its activities, the team also wants to support the preservation and development of rural life in Estonia.
  • Lokimo Tallinn

    Lokimo is a platform that allows you to create and design travel-related content in a very simple way. One in two Europeans visit another member state at least once a year, and no doubt wants to explore the main attractions or places of interest, but this requires their own research, which is time-consuming and does not guarantee a good experience. Alternatively, you can use a guide service that is either very expensive individually or involves a specific group that is probably unfamiliar to you. Lokimo solves this problem through digital tours, which allows you to choose between different themed tours. The tour gives you the opportunity to be independent in time, that is, do it at the time and with the people suitable for you.


  • Akvalabs Tartumaa

    Container farms developed by Akvalabs allow you to grow crops of uniform quality throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. Akvalabs farms are suitable for growing most cultural and cosmetic plants. The harvest is cleaner than many organic products, as no fertilizers or plant protection products can be used that would damage fish health. In a closed system, plants use 90% less water and grow up to 4x faster than normal. Currently, the emphasis is on aquaponics, but Akvalabs systems can also be used hydroponically - to fertilize plants in aqueous solution. It would be suitable for areas with large deserts. Urban farms can also be built, and production can be brought closer to the consumer.
  • Applysis Tallinn

    Applysis is a platform for businesses and developers to get a better insight into people's opinions towards different features of the app. Finding relevant information from hundreds or thousands of user reviews is not always an easy job; thus, we offer an automated, simple solution to accomplish this task. Applysis, with the help of AI, extracts the most popular features from user reviews and offers detailed sentiment analysis for each feature. Using Applysis, it's easy to find weak, strong or most demanded features and even compare them to other applications. Our team has a solid technical background, consisting of software engineers and data scientists.
  • Bidrento

    Bidrento Tallinn

    Bidrento is the first rental platform in Estonia to help renters find a convenient and fast rental property and landlords to find a reliable tenant at the best current market rate. The platform is aimed at those who do not want to pay mediation fees on the rental and prefer the offers directly from the owner. Bidrento wants to automate the rental process and make it efficient and transparent by bringing both a suitable counterparty and a rental apartment management platform into one online environment. The founders Taavo and Natalja have extensive work experience in the financial and real estate sectors. In addition, the team includes a software developer and a marketing specialist.
  • LeVinum

    LeVinum Tallinn

    LeVinum is for those interested in investing and wanting security against financial crises. The purpose of LeVinum is to make investing in wines convenient for anyone interested, whether it is a wine lover or a teetotaller. LeVinum brings together wine experts who, through in-depth analysis, continually bring their customers a new selection of investment wines at prices not in hundreds of euros. Wines find their place in special LeVinum wine cellars, and at any time, LeVinum can help you sell your wines.
  • Pro Tribe Tallinn

    Pro Tribe is an app that connects athletes with brands.
  • SecureBadger Tallinn

    Use your future rental income to carry out today's opportunities. Securebadger pays the real estate investor up to three years' rental income in part or in full in advance and then starts collecting monthly rental income from the tenant itself. The prepayment can be used by the landlord to increase real estate performance through major repairs, portfolio expansion, loan refinancing, mortgage payments, or other unexpected expenses. The prepayment service fee ranges from 5% -15% per annum depending on the credit risk of the contract and is a significantly cheaper and more flexible alternative to a business loan or small loan.
  • Tallinn is a platform that addresses the challenges of the workforce and brings together three key stakeholders in the labour market: talent, businesses, and education. is not a regular job search portal. In simple terms, it's like a human resources assistant with access to thousands of talents, who knows the needs of an employer for a particular job and can analyse, match, select the list, and do a lot more in a matter of seconds. On the other hand,, acting as a personal career advisor for talent, directs him or her to the best career paths and advice on the skills and knowledge that talent needs to develop to succeed in their careers.
  • Unsinkable robotics Tallinn

    Unsinkable is an autonomous underwater robot that periodically inspects objects built into the water. Inspections are important to detect cracks in, for example, the foundations of offshore windmills before it's too late. The robot uses ultrasound sensors and cameras for scanning and visualizes the collected data as a 3D model, which can be analyzed to evaluate the technical condition of the object. Repeated inspections can compare the models created and prevent problems. The global market for underwater robots is close to 4 billion, and as more and more structures are built in the sea, market volumes are expected to double by 2023.

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