TOP 20 teams

The jury selected 20 teams for the accelerator program of the 16th season of Ajujahi, who will continue the competition for the main prize of Ajujaht.

TOP20 startups that continue their journey in Ajujaht:

DataVie – A comprehensive accountability service to ensure data protection requirements for companies that lack the resources and expertise to meet data protection requirements. DataVie offers a complete solution for informed work with personal data, thus optimizing the company’s resources and creating opportunities for business promotion and increasing the company’s credibility. 

MeetnFly – A new dating portal/app that brings together people who are looking for a happy permanent relationship. MeetnFly has more comprehensive profiles than its competitors, and MeetnFly’s compatibility score helps you find a perfect mate. 

Fairmus– A music listening app with global ambitions that allows every artist in the world to connect with their listeners without intermediaries. Fairmus offers competition to large platforms such as Spotify. 

MindSee  – A multilingual AI-based empathetic chatbot that supports people with psychological concerns. MindSee offers a 24/7, personal, non-judgmental and confidential chat environment. 

Bildly – SaaS-software for the construction industry, designed to improve project communication, reduce errors, safety risks and improve efficiency on the construction site. 

Glassity – AI-powered SaaS-software for cloud management. Glassity provides insight into cloud cost and usage, helps organizations optimize their infrastructure, automate cloud operations, and ensure compliance with security and regulatory requirements. 

VIID – an age detection solution for companies that sell age-restricted products or offer services intended for adults. 

Funki – An environmentally friendly, healthy, nutritious and allergy-free alternative to meat products based on mycoprotein. Funk products have a high protein and fiber content, reminiscent of the texture of fillet meat. 

KIUD packaging– A company that offers durable and recycled textile waste packaging material, replacing disposable corrugated cardboard and veneer used in the packaging industry.  

TexPlasts  – A startup that transforms waste materials into high value products with a minimal carbon footprint. 

Ray Foil – A compact and lightweight electric hydrofoil (eFoil) that fits into a backpack if needed. 

Paul Berg – A company that makes functional jackets, boots and accessories for Nordic climates for all seasons. 

Mossy – A company that produces air purifiers with environmentally friendly filters to replace HEPA filters that do not degrade in nature. 

Cara Health –  A healthcare/technology startup focused on improving the health and well-being of mothers throughout pregnancy and childbirth. The company has created a new type of medical practice that combines preventive traditional medicine with complementary services. 

HopLocal – A platform for companies that helps you quickly and conveniently find suitable team events. 

WilluwalkWilluwalk’s mission is to support the mental well-being of parents through communication and physical activity. The app helps parents find new companions comfortably and spontaneously to communicate with people at the same stage of life and reduce social isolation. In addition, the mobile application motivates to be physically active, which is also an important part of improving mental well-being.

Pakoo Packaging – A reusable and durable transport packaging solution that helps make businesses more sustainable by reducing unnecessary single-use packaging waste. 

Cerebrum Hub –  A B2C online learning platform that provides results-oriented retraining programs for working adults.  

Baun – A company that aims to make single-use shopping bags unnecessary by offering reusable and depositable shopping bags made from recycled material. 

For the first time in the history of Ajujaht, a team that was barely below the line in the preliminary round got the chance to join this year’s TOP 20 again, because they have made a big leap in development:

Raw Edge – a company, which produces a 100% natural vegetable and berry juice fermented with lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, and a low-calorie drink that does not contain caffeine, artificial additives, or added sugar. The drink contains naturally good bacteria that support the microflora of the stomach and thereby improve well-being, health, and athletic performance.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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