Top 30

The following teams made it to the TOP 30 and Ajujaht’s development programme:


  • SmartBites

    SmartBites Tallinn

    SmartBites is a web-based platform that offers high-quality learning opportunities for students who need short-term learning support and flexible workflows for teachers. Professional tutoring as soon as the need arises will help students who have trouble with homework, preparing for tests and exams, or acquiring material independently after being absent. We prevent falling behind in learning by resolving problems as soon as they arise! We are parents ourselves and are very familiar with the situation where a child complains at home in the evening that he cannot solve a homework assignment, does not remember what the teacher said at school or the explanation remained incomprehensible. This situation can be quite stressful, especially if the parent lacks the time or skills to help the child. A timely and professional learning experience would allow the problem to be solved immediately and would also reduce the burden on parents.
  • KRATT Services

    KRATT Services Tallinn

    Even before covid, there was a growing demand for digital experts in the world. In the last year, there has been a huge leap in the world towards digitalisation, e-business, e-learning and teleworking. It is more important than ever that we use the valuable and limited number of digital experts as efficiently as possible. KRATT is a solution for professionals and agencies to find digital professionals, such as developers and designers, for project teams. The experts they regularly look for in their projects are, for example, developers, designers, web marketers and other digital professionals. So far, the team builder has mostly had to rely primarily on his personal contact book and good luck. Sometimes LinkedIn can be helpful. Less often, help comes from freelancer portals like upwork or We believe that agencies have a necessary role in larger clients and projects, and we base the development of KRATT on the needs of a professional. Our ideal clients are IT companies, web agencies, digital agencies, advertising agencies and other organizations that form project teams from digital professionals on a daily basis. KRATT supports modern working models, where an expert can collaborate with several organizations and at the same time play different roles in different teams. We uniquely support the creation of more complex and larger teams and a multi-level hierarchy of general contractors and subcontractors. Behind the development of KRATT is one of the largest and most experienced teams in this year's Ajujaht. Put KRATT to work for you! Find digital professionals for your next project!
  • RUEX

    RUEX Harju County

    RUEX is developing a platform that connects electric car users with chargers. The driver of an electric car sees the chargers nearby on the platform, their occupancy, books an appointment, chooses the shortest route, charges, pays and receives an invoice. The charger owner monetise their chargers when they’re not using it themselves. On the one hand, electric car drivers can choose between a larger number of chargers, and on the other, individuals and companies can rent out their chargers profitably. In addition, we offer individuals and companies certified chargers already connected to the platform and their installation.
  • RawQis

    RawQis Tallinn

    Every time we see video ads on TV or online, the background music always fits. The Audio magically merge with the visual to give us emotions and connection to the product or brand. Did you know that Video creators can spend up to a full day just looking for the right soundtrack?. Juggling hundreds of stock music libraries, navigating through millions of un-organised music scattered across the Internet, and facing complex & confusing music licensing rights are challenges Video creators face for every video ads they make. So we created RawQis, A Web Platform that simplifies music licensing, and curates audio from stock music libraries to recommend the right soundtracks. The service allows video creators to Search/Filter, Add suitable tracks from vendors, Purchase, and immediately Download their audio files with the right License. They save time and avoid copyright violation. RawQis is an AI-driven search engine and a music marketplace. It uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to streamline the search and discovery of the right audio for your video ads.
  • Klapp

    Klapp Harju County

    Klapp deals with the work satisfaction of freelancers. Many of them work alone on a daily basis and lack people to seek advice or moral support from. We help freelance professionals create meaningful working contacts with each other more easily and thereby grow their business. Research shows that most of a successful freelancer's new projects come through their existing network. This reduces the stresses of looking for work and ensures income stability. Klapp works like a dating app, recommending to the user people they might like based on their preferences. We take into account not only skills, but also personal characteristics, goals, interests, and work style. Klapp is like a good friend who brings you together with a new person and tells you how you might fit together. The user can save contacts, organize them, see the cooperation partner's readiness to accept new projects and communicate with them. It helps the freelancer to quickly prepare quotes, form temporary project teams, but also to simply seek advice and support each other in setting and achieving goals, and jointly develop new ideas. Klapp also promotes cooperation in various fields and the development of international labor relations.
  • Lexi.Market

    Lexi.Market Harju County

    As a consumer, lifting a bottle of Coca-Cola from the shelf into the shopping cart, we probably don't know that in order to get this product on the store shelf, the food distributor must provide the retail chain with comprehensive product data. An Excel file consisting of an average of 160 product-related data fields must be completed by the manufacturer each time the product data changes or a new price agreement is concluded. A cumbersome product form must also be submitted if the manufacturer wishes to carry out a sales campaign. Complicating matters further is the fact that each retail chain (Coop, Maxima, Prisma, Selver, Rimi, etc.) has different requirements for the transmission of product information. This means that, for example, before Christmas, hundreds of manufacturers and wholesalers fill in a large number of Excel spreadsheets to make their campaign offers. For this job, larger manufacturers and wholesalers have sales assistants at work, which is a big additional cost for the company. Lexi.Market comes to the aid of manufacturers and wholesalers by providing state-of-the-art cloud software that enters all the company's products and related details at once. Then, through Lexi.Market, it is possible to prepare product offers in just a few minutes, so that the correct information is transmitted automatically in the background. Lexi.Market's customers are therefore all those companies whose products you add to your grocery shopping cart every day.
  • Tamiatics

    Tamiatics Pärnu

    The Tamiatics team is developing a web-based plant growing platform for agronomists growing industrially indoors. The web application consists of tools designed to help design optimal plant growing strategies through machine learning. This means how much to water, fertilize, heat, cool, shade the plants, etc. The result is optimal water, fertilizer, heating and labor costs. In order to obtain the information necessary for the development of strategies, we offer sensors that measure the necessary parameters both in the root of the plant and in the surrounding environment. The agronomist will have access to a web platform where he can choose the tools that suit him as needed. The tools range from a simple notification when something is out of place with the plant to precise recommendations on how the plant should be cared for to achieve the highest possible yield with as few resources as possible. As a first step, we have developed a root environment sensor and are developing an application that displays real-time data and primary tools for data processing. It will reach the market in March 2021. In order to continue with the development and machine learning, test stations with sensors will be placed in various gardens this season to collect data on the growth of the most common crops (tomato, cucumber) and we will add test stations to other crops. Our vision is to reach fully autonomous systems and increase yields in a situation where resources are increasingly limited.
  • Mentornaut

    Mentornaut Tallinn

    Mentornaut is an online platform that helps to find a private teacher in the local education system. In a situation where the heavy workload of teachers does not allow students to have enough personal attention in the classroom, a student in need of additional support will have to rely on the Internet, his or her parents or no help at all to get answers to questions. Through Mentornaut, each student can find a suitable private teacher who has passed the background check and assessment process to ensure the teacher's credibility and good teaching quality. We offer the teacher a variety of tools to manage their students, and we are a supportive partner, helping them with administrative tasks. Since the launch of Mentornaut at the beginning of the school year, more than 200 private lessons have been booked through the online platform. Need a helping hand in learning or want to become a Mentornaut teacher?
  • Infinder

    Infinder Pärnumaa

    Both education and the world of work are changing and need new solutions. Learning through practical experience is definitely one of the future trends. Infinder is a web application that connects those who want to develop their skills at an internship with companies in an easy and fun way. Students need an internship to develop their skills in the job market. Companies need a future workforce with the right skills and the opportunity to make themselves visible to students. We bring the two together by offering the web application Infinder, where companies and trainees find each other according to overlapping needs and skills. Thanks to the filters, the pre-selection is done for them and the process is fast. Students can find an internship, companies have an internship and schools have an overview of the current state of their internships. We are working to ensure that the needs of the labor market and the skills of students better match each other and that all parties enjoy the internship.
  • Falconers

    Falconers Harju County

    The mission of the Falconers team is to bring Earth observation from satellites to the end customer automatically and with the shortest delay. Satellite imagery is used in many public institutions where the speed of information is critical: the Rescue Board, the Defense Forces, the Border Guard. At the same time, knowledge is applied in making time-critical decisions in the stock markets, as well as statistics in insurance and agriculture. Falconers automates the information collection process, which is currently slow, complex and requires investment in information processing and collection. Figuratively speaking, Falconers offers its customers knowledge that can be applied instead of pixels. Our team has a combined expertise of more than 20 years of artificial intelligence and machine vision and has been involved in the development of various electro-optical AI observation platforms for the past five years.


  • Sunmill

    Sunmill Tallinn

    Sunmill is developing a platform that allows everyone to contribute to the transition to renewable energy and earn revenue from the construction of solar parks, anywhere. We bring together people and companies with vacant land or roof space and investors who want to invest in renewable energy. The investor and the landowner do not have to spend time, know the details of building the plant or maintain the plant - Sunmill does all the work for them. This is how investing in renewable energy becomes accessible to everyone!

    LITHIUM UP Tartu

    Electric cars are conquering the world, there is no doubt about that. However, there are not enough charging points in our car parks and often the network connections of existing points do not have enough capacity to charge several vehicles at maximum speed at the same time. In cooperation with car park owners, we are building smart charging points that do not overload the electricity grid. LITHIUM UP-s IoT solution measures and distributes the available power equally among all chargers. In this way, we can build charging stations for more vehicles without fear of overloading the system. App users see both the free charging slots and the power available at them. Overnight chargers benefit from cheaper electricity at night, and those in a hurry can pay for more capacity to charge faster.
  • R.P.C Tallinn

    The R.P.C team is developing innovative environmentally friendly materials made from plastic and mining waste. Much of the mineral waste generated in the European Union is not recovered and is usually stored as backfill in the mountains. However, the mineral waste generated in the mines can be used as a raw material for the production of construction materials, which helps to make their production more environmentally friendly. We are developing an innovative material that could be used by building material manufacturers to make various products. Our goal is to use our own material to make the production of construction materials more environmentally friendly and thereby also reduce the use of wood and new plastic. Our potential customers are European manufacturing companies that use plastic to make their products.
  • DeepPeat

    DeepPeat Tallinn

    Every year, a large amount of oil ends up in bodies of water. For example in America alone, in 2010 it was 4.9 million liters. Eliminating oil spills is a costly and time-consuming task and is often relegated to the background. Current solutions are often inefficient and made of synthetic materials. As a solution, DeepPeat offers peat-based oil harvesting tools that help simplify the oil spill response process from both aquatic and dry environments, while also being natural and recyclable. In addition to the aforementioned problems, there are concerns about the disposal of used products, for which a solution is already being developed. DeepPeat was created by two high school graduates of Tallinn Mustamäe Gymnasium and is ready to conquer the seas of the world!


  • Metamorfoos

    Metamorfoos Harjumaa

    The mental health problems of young people continue to rise. Dependence on smart devices has reduced traditional communication and separated young people. High-quality close relationships and real smart connection help maintain mental health. We help today's young people discover it! The collaborative course is an annual course for high school classes where young people develop emotional intelligence and social skills. They learn to notice and peacefully express what is going on inside them, to listen to others really and much more. In the spirit of collaborative learning, we use simulations, games and other activities so that young people can have a real-life experience in class. We are not talking about an abstract story, instead the students engage in engaging activities. After the activity, we discuss together what happened and why, what someone felt and how it all relates to real life. The students of Keila School, who participated in the pilot project carried out in the autumn of 2020, pointed out that the lessons united classmates, helped to create better relationships and get to know each other and feel more relaxed in eachothers’ company. Regarding their own development, it was most noticed that young people now accept different opinions of their classmates, understand the world of thought of the opposite sex much more than before, and have learned to value gatherings where they have fun together and discuss meaningful topics.

    EATYPAL Tallinn

    EatyPal is a platform that connects hungry customers with home kitchens. Anyone can become a chef and make money by cooking at home. Our main customer is a busy person in an urban area. Today, his biggest problem is the long waiting time and lack of choice. We create a close network of home kitchens, thanks to which the distance and waiting time are shorter and the choice of food is more diverse. Meals can be eaten on site, bought with them or ordered by courier.
  • TakeMyStuff

    TakeMyStuff Tallinn

    TakeMyStuff is a people-to-people rental platform that helps you move towards a more sustainable future. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary consumption by simplifying the rental of rarely used items. We are contributing to the revolution of the recovery and sharing economy, thereby also contributing to environmental protection. The TakeMyStuff platform allows property owners to earn extra money by providing them with a secure environment to rent out their items. However, renters can save both money and the environment by renting products at a better price from their vicinity that would be expensive or impractical to buy. We all have items in our home that have only been used a few times and most of the time just stand still. Thinking about a sustainable future, we could all consume less and rent things that are rarely used instead in the future! On the other hand, things that already exist are money . Why not have a battery drill at the top of your closet or a camera in a drawer with a tripod and lenses make money?


  • Münt

    Münt Tartu

    Münt began in the autumn of 2019, when four enthusiastic young people from Hugo Treffner Gymnasium decided to create a student company to make their morning routine chemical-free and environmentally friendly. Namely, more than 1,000,000 plastic toothpaste tubes are discarded every year, which covers an area the size of Estonia in three years. Münt toothbrush tablets are stored in a recyclable glass jar and refills are delivered in a biodegradable paper bag with a carbon neutral delivery. Ingredients full of chemicals are replaced by the 100% natural to save not only nature but also our health. Today, Münt's products have been purchased by more than 1,700 people, with whom we are moving towards a more pollution-free planet and brighter smiles.
  • Migrevention

    Migrevention Tallinn

    Migrevention is a digital headache clinic for patients created by Estonian headache specialists. There are about 200,000 migraine patients in Estonia and more than 1.4 billion in the world. Our market is global. Migrevention provides its user with access to a digital headache diary and, if necessary, provides evidence-based remote monitoring of migraines with the support of a neurologist, headache nurse, clinical psychologist, and physiotherapist. The app of the digital headache clinic gives our user the opportunity to take control of their migraine attacks and live a quality pain-free life without leaving home. For the user, Migrevention's digital headache clinic is a convenient and safe solution for managing your illness, sharing treatment data with a specialist and receiving feedback. We have created the first version of a working solution and moved forward with the first 10 users in a clinical pilot study in cooperation with the specialists of the University of Tartu Hospital.
  • Portable disinfection device

    Portable disinfection device Tartu

    This team of top experts in their field is developing a portable disinfection device to help solve the problem of a global pandemic. We plan to go to the market with equipment of different sizes, the larger of which are suitable for quick disinfection of items purchased in stores. However, the smaller compact solution is designed for disinfecting masks and can be powered via a USB connection to a computer, battery bank or car. For disinfection, the object is placed in a device that briefly creates an environment that attacks the proteins in the virus's shell that the virus needs to interact with human cells. By damaging the proteins in the shell, the virus is no longer able to multiply. The development of prototypes takes place in the development center Captain Corrosion OÜ in Tartu Science Park, and the sale and rental of final products is done by Coronaprot OÜ. The team includes Maido Merisalu (manager of Captain Corrosion OÜ, inventor), Iris Palm (assistant manager of Captain Corrosion OÜ, masters student of the University of Tartu), Osamu Shimmi (professor of biology at the University of Tartu, Japanese), Romet Rand (shareholder of Coronaprot OÜ, experienced entrepreneur), Ken Malinin (Shareholder, investor in Coronaprot OÜ).


  • NupuLearning

    NupuLearning Tallinn

    A child's brain needs variety, challenges and activities. However, smart devices at an early age limit the development and potential of the brain and creativity. That's why we offer physical toys that support the development of children, which are both engaging and developing. At the moment, our main product is a magnetic board and the poster and magnet training kits that fit onto it. The kits are interchangeable, act as a system and grow with the child. The products can be used to teach a child colors, shapes, animal habitats, letters, numbers, etc. For example, in the case of a set of colors, different colors are depicted on the poster, and the child has to sort the magnets by color - the elephant goes on a gray background, the beet on a purple background, and so on. As the child grows, parents can purchase additional age-appropriate kits. The magnetic board can also be used for drawing, taking notes or storing travel magnets. Nupu’s products focus on one task at a time, but different products work together as a system. We will also start producing other teaching aids - magnetic books and study cards. We keep the same principles for all products - creative play, simplicity and systematicity, aesthetics, engagement and truthfulness.
  • bepolar

    bepolar Tallinn

    bepolar is a clothing brand that will manufacture reversible clothing. One side is monochromatic (minimalist) and the other side is patterned (maximalist). The pattern is printed on fabric digitally and the customer can choose their own pattern. The material and time consumed in the production of the product is the same as in the production of ond-sided products. The idea is to give the other side that exists anyway some value and use it. Nowadays, where people get tired of clothes before they are worn out, bepolar gives them the opportunity to wear their clothes more and for longer. In addition, our dress takes up less space in the closet and suitcase than two separate dresses. The product is also very easy to maintain, which makes it a great travel item. For most of us, we have many sides and we want to give people the choice of which side they want to show the world and the opportunity to change instantly. We believe that functionality, practicality and comfort will be the keywords in the clothing industry of the future. bepolar represents this way of thinking. We are fun, simple and logical.
  • Raiku

    Raiku Tallinn

    90% of plastic packaging material is thrown in landfills or in nature and does not break down. This is a growing problem, as bubble film production is estimated to grow by 25% over the next five years, with a film market of $ 10 billion a year alone. At the same time, both consumers and producers are looking for more sustainable solutions that are affordable and functionally similar. The EU and the world are tightening the rules on disposable plastics every year, so the time is ripe for a green revolution in packaging. We solve the problem of wrapping in bubble wrap by offering packaging made of wood and wood industry waste that would otherwise burn. RAIKU wooden fabric protects packages, is affordable compared to current plastic and eco-alternatives, as well as compostable.



    KYLAS Võru County

    When was the last time you went to the smoke sauna or do you know how hay freshly brought into the barn smells .... Can’t really recall ... right? Our online service brokerage platform, called KYLAS, gives you the opportunity to have truly authentic experiences in the countryside. We know that our customers are looking for a special experience, but at the same time they also expect very clear information about what awaits them, how much the service will cost and when. They are interested in experiencing on their own, "country to grandma" and like a local style travel experience. The web platform KYLAS we are creating is a virtual market where you can easily and conveniently buy consciously designed experiences, such as a picking cranberries with a local, a mushroom marinating workshop, potato picking ... and much more. Our platform is very different from its competitors because the services offered there are located in rural areas, they are authentic and genuine. Our team includes tourism and business specialists from Võrumaa Arenduskeskus, the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 communication team, the Võru County Tourism Network and the South-Estonian Tourism Cluster. We have also involved the people of the Võru County Department of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and the Enterprise Estonia Tourism Development Center in the development of the platform.


  • Impact Manager

    Impact Manager Tallinn

    The Impact Manager tool helps large companies monitor and manage their impact on people and the natural environment. We focus on the Baltic and Northern European financial sector, listed companies and other responsible large companies. They want to better manage their social and environmental impact due to regulations, investor preferences and brand image. For example, by 2025, 57% of European investment fund assets will be in funds with an ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) score (PwC, 2020). The benefits of Impact Manager are time savings and providing quality input for company-level decisions and communication. First, the software contains valuable know-how such as sector-specific sample indicators and recommendations for improving data quality. Second, the control panel brings together visual information: the company's performance against objectives and trends in how the company affects people and the environment. Third, data can be exported, for example, for reporting or communication in support of the employer's brand.
  • TeachMe

    TeachMe Tallinn

    TeachMe is an online platform that brings together reliable local private teachers and their clients at a lower cost (lowest commission on the market!) and up to 20 times faster than any competitor in the market. Basically, every other student all over Estonia has learning difficulties, and we want to solve this problem: through our website, everyone can quickly and conveniently find a suitable private teacher using various search filters and then book a lesson in real time. In addition to fast and affordable mediation services, we also offer our clients the services of competent and proven private teachers who help students improve their learning outcomes and fill gaps in knowledge. We offer our partners (private teachers) a large influx of clients. higher incomes, as well as the possibility to manage the timetable more conveniently and to fill in the "gaps". All in all, everyone wins: students, private teachers, and Estonian education.
  • Eventive

    Eventive Tallinn

    By visualizing the future, it is possible to turn events into reality! The entertainment sector has been severely affected by the pandemic and we believe we have a solution to stimulate the industry. Today, the information needed to plan events is scattered and irregular. We create an online platform for introducing and booking venues, where the venues are represented by interactive 3d models that the organizers can customize as easily as the living room in Sims' game. Interactive 3d models are accurate and meet the needs of the organizers, ie they allow you to plan an event in Saku Suurhall without leaving your couch. As a result, event management agencies quickly find a suitable place and venues get a visual overview of the organizers' wishes. Planning events without traveling is now possible!
  • EduLog

    EduLog Tallinn

    We are EduLog and we care about the involvement of learners in the learning process. We provide the teacher with technology that allows him or her to get feedback about his or her lesson and how well learners feel about their contribution to learning. Studies show that 23% of the time students learn only to pretend to pay attention and a quarter of children get bored at school. Our service helps the teacher to collect current information about the lesson activities as well as the emotional, cognitive and behavioral involvement of the learners. The advantage of our product is the scientifically validated questions already prepared for the teacher, which reduces the teacher's workload, and visualized reports, which provide a comparison for the teacher about his own lessons and an overview of the involvement of all students in the school.
  • Fudler

    Fudler Tartu

    In Estonia, almost 15 million euros worth of prepared food, which doesn't even reach the plate is thrown away every year,. Fudler is a platform where restaurants can find buyers for fresh unsold food. This way, Fudler users can buy a delicious meal at a favorable price from their favorite restaurant. Restaurants can earn several thousand euros a year in additional revenue from otherwise wasted products and grow their customer base. In the future, we will also include grocery stores on our platform, where food worth almost 25 million euros a year will be thrown away in Estonia alone. In addition, the European Union aims to halve food waste by 2030, and we see Fudler playing a key role in achieving that goal!
  • SEIF

    SEIF Harju County

    We live in a place where there is more dark time than daylight for at least 8 months of the year. We and the three neighboring countries, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania, have an obligation to wear a reflector or light source at night. But this is where our problem begins. We all want to look good, but the traditional reflector does not allow us to. The SEIF has found a solution to this problem. Fabric of natural material combined with reflective thread. The innovation of the material lies in both the idea and the implementation. The natural fabric created especially for the project is made of wool in an environmentally friendly and economical way. The natural properties of the material ensure comfort for the wearer, but the fabric contains an innovative reflective element. Combined reflective threads add functionality and ergonomics to the fabric. The reflector element is not conspicuous in everyday wear, but as a technical solution visible only in dark times, which ensures safe visibility of the wearer.

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