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A brief description of thirty strongest teams may be seen below.


CarDrop is developing a platform to provide cars on sales’ yards with clients, who do not wish to enter into a binding financial agreement for years with banks nor to become an owner of the car. The service is different from car sharing as the clients have the cars’ possession. It’s also different from existing P2P services that often have reliability issues and lack quality control. With CarDrop service the client can choose the car and change it according to the available car-pool on sales yards.


ChimneyGuard is a sensor for private houses that measures flammable soot in the chimney and gives a timely warning before the critical limit is exceeded. The sensor turns chimney sweeping into a necessity-based service and helps to prevent fires.


eResNetwork is the world’s safest business network offering transparent and secure communications while empowering the branding of its peers. eResNetwork authenticates every user making them unique. Each peer knows with whom is he communicating. Since the users are verified, eResNetwork may validate any user information. Therefore, eResNetwork provides the opportunity to showcase their peers industry knowledge and peers may market themselves as industry leaders by helping others.


FeelingStream helps banks and telcos have a better insight into what their customers need. FeelingStream creates an analytics tool that prioritizes customer emails and chats in a way that important topics are always addressed first. Bank or telco will define which are the most critical customer interactions. Text analytics’ market is growing heavily and its total size is estimated to 2.65 billion euros today, which oughts to double within the next five years. Terje Ennomäe, the leader of the team, brings 15 years of banking experience with management of customer experience in 9 countries and Maarit Cimolonskas works with communication so that FeelingStream would meet its target group. They are using algorithms, to ensure that their machine is constantly learning and prioritizing emails and chats correctly. This responsible task falls under PhD Lauri Ilison who has a long-term experience in business development and managing big data field, PhD Mervi Sepp who has a data scientist experience for contact centers, and to Mikhail Iljin who is a machine learning expert.

Flare UP

Flare UP is a life saving safety device for motorcyclists. Flare UP light beacon can be attached to their helmets and enables other traffickers to promptly notice those caught in an accident. A complementary mobile app will immediately send the exact location of the accident site to the user’s contacts. The light beacon is a stylish looking, easy to attach device that is completely water and shock resistant and rechargeable via USB. The light beacon reacts to strong shock or change in orientation and will make the site of accident visible by intense blinking. Flare UP’s market is comprised of motorcyclists all worldwide – those who are concerned with their safety and care about their close ones. The team of four is lead by Mikk Umbleja, a Master’s candidate in Business and Technology Management at University of Tartu.


Foxcademy is developing an interactive cloud based studying platform, which analyses users’ studying behaviour and adopts the content according to individual needs. Want to get better in mathematics? Sign up already today:


Helpific is a localized matchmaking platform for people with disabilities. The platform connects people requiring aid from helpful fellow citizens, who choose to help others. Helpific declares to constitute as an Uber or Airbnb for help needers and providers.

I Can Move

I Can Move develops power assist wheels for manual wheelchairs. The intra-hub motors of the wheels boost the thrusting and breaking force of weak hands. In average, there are 3000 people with weak hands amongst one million wheelchair users and the reason of such sequela may be stroke, muscular diseases, high age, multiple sclerosis, back or spinal cord injuries. People suffering such conditions have one thing in common – they find it hard to push their manual wheelchairs with weak hands. An alternative is a relatively large and heavy electric wheelchair, which are incompatible with unmodified passenger cars and not suitable for trespassing stairs. In addition, electric wheelchairs turn the users physically inactive conducing them to die faster. I Can Move smart wheels opposingly maintain the physical activity of users, while being transportable by regular passenger vehicles. Purchasing assistive devices is generally subsidized by state, but the most significant example of global demand potential could be illustrated by the market of the UK whereas the annual sales turnover of electric wheelchairs and scooters reaches a billion euros.


NPO Pesapuu offers dolls called Kriidik. They aim to provide jobs to long-term unemployed and handicapped individuals, so that the handmade dolls would be produced by people with a need for job. Therefore, Pesapuu will be operating on a two-sided market, as the clients will be the buyers of Kriidik’s toys and governmental organizations looking for working opportunities for their dependents.

In order to develop a sustainable business model, Pesapuu has developed a selection of products, which do not require specific skills to produce them. The test group of Kergu preschool fell in love with Kriidik’s toys at first sight using the dolls every day as the toy is customizable – its hair made of wool can be washed, hairdressed and even cut.


Levon is developing an intuitive way to help people who believe they can’t sing with getting a feel for their voice and overcoming their self-confidence through a virtual vocal teacher called Levon. According to a study by Northwestern University, only 2 percent of world’s population physically cannot sing due to being tone deaf. Most people that consider themselves a part of the two percent are merely unexperienced and untrained. Levon offers real-time feedback during vocal exercises and lets you monitor your performance. Loaded with video, animation and audio based lessons and exercises from professional vocal coaches, that are built to enable even the most hopeless of singers to start developing a feel of their vocal capabilities.


LocalsMade connects local small entrepreneurs to travellers. It is a solution that offers reliable and compact overview of the best products that are made locally independent of travellers’ location. No longer you have to google for the best design products and carefully read if it’s made in the preferable country – LocalsMade does the job for you and you just have to find what you love and go and get it. It helps people to avoid tourist traps and find the most outstanding local products in categories they already know they’re interested in, but also find something new that they couldn’t even think of.


LogPicker is a log selection program for handcrafted log house building companies. It automatically calculates the locations for the logs in the walls for the entire building on the basis of a construction project and available logs. LogPicker produces blueprints of the walls with numbered logs in their correct locations. As a result LogPicker saves time and manpower saving 30-35 percent of builders time resources per project.

Marina Ahoy

Marina Ahoy is a management and sales tool for leisure marinas. The product is a Point of Sale for marinas and a convenience tool for sailors. Modern marina management is mainly paper based, making it resource inefficient and inconvenient for marina clients. Marina Ahow offers real-time traffic overviews, booking and checking in and out options, simple management of services, mobile payments and accurate reports. The service is free for sailors, as their business model is based on the revenues from the transaction fees of the marinas and monetizing third party services. They aim to target Northern European market with a yearly turnover of €540 million. Additional target markets are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean pools with 5000 marinas, 500 thousand berths with several billions in turnover.


Sawsack is going to develop a convenient forestry backpack for carrying a chainsaw and other equipment. Presently available bags are not comfortable as they are meant for carrying by hand.

Forests are often far from roads and are not accessible for heavy machinery. That makes the

forestry backpack very useful for private forest owners and for workers of forestry companies. The unique backpack would keep the worker’s moral up, when going to the clearing area and cheers one up when returning.


Need2Park is a service software solution enabling medium and large parking lot owners to manage their parking lots. The service simplifies unnecessarily complicated administration process for the parking lot owners, as the managers lack overview about the actions on their business property without knowing the number of cars parking nor the amount the customers are paying. Although the parking operators presently possess the information, they tend to not share data with the owners. Need2Park eliminates the middleman between the parties with a simple software. The service provides precise data overview by visual graphics of past, present and potential customers along with the revenue stream and hardware condition. Our solution is compatible with all the existing hardware out there, while allowing the parking lot owners to cut costs and raise the efficiency to a whole new level.


Student company Pürg manufactures college cap satchels keeping a college cap in shape and protecting it from pilling and dust. The bag is made of industrial felt and can be ordered with customer’s own personal emblem. Over 13 000 college caps are annually manufactured in Estonia. Since it is made of soft material, storing the cap in a coat rack or on a shelve may blemish the cap. Because of its reputable position among university and high school students, the amount of potential customers is enormours. The company consists of four people and is run by an 18-year-old student Jürgen Jürgenson from Hugo Treffner Gymnasium.


Reed is the part of a weaving loom that defines the density of warp threads. RailReed is an inventive device that enables the weaver to manipulate warp density and fabric width while weaving. RailReed opens up new possibilities in designing woven structures.


Rally+ is a full solution for rally organizers to organize high-level motorsport events.


SafeBox offers a service to store travel documents on web and access a rescue plan in case of an emergency while travelling abroad. The service is intended primarily for those, who go abroad in search of adventure or a simple short-term work. In case the traveller is in trouble, the help alarm can be triggered by the user. By activating the alarm, the message with a ‘built in’ text is sent to an email of the 24/7 emergency helpline of the consular service of the MFA, where consular officer on duty handles the case by contacting person’s close friends or relatives, police units, NGOs and the embassy in the relevant country if needed.


Smart Power is developing a smart supply module for electromagnetic door locks. The greatest problem with conventional electromagnetic door locks is the constant consumption of electricity. Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption up to 95 percent. In addition to smaller electricity bill, it will be possible to supply the electromagnetic door locks from standard size batteries and implement them in places where electricity is not available.


SprayPrinter is a device delivering photos and designs from a smartphone to any wall. The consumer only needs to possess a SprayPrinter and the application. By choosing the preferable image, the person needs to attach a can of spray to the tiny SprayPrinter mediator device and carry the image to the wall pixel by pixel up to 200 pixels per second, enabling to include as many colours as the user desires. In order to assure a vast selection of images, SprayPrinter is forming an e-marketplace, whereas the designer can upload their creations with the opportunity to sell it to all the users of SprayPrinter mediator device.

The Skill Mill

The Skill Mill is a social enterprise offering environmental services to public and private sector organisations in order to improve the future prospects for young ex-offenders through paid employment. Mentoring and psychological help is also provided to the young employees. This model of service delivery is currently operating successfully in the UK. The Skill Mill manages to bring young people to the employment market who are furthest away. The model operating in the UK provides the young employees with experience in dealing with environmental management and through reduced re-offending realises significantly reduced social costs incurred through the damage made by crime.  As The Skill Mill provides the environmental management services while reducing the crime rate, the value of output can be measured in social and monetary terms.


Ticcet offers a marketing platform and app for sightseeings online ticket distribution.


Tippy is a mobile application that enables tipping and feedback. The idea was called into existence by the founders needing for a solution, which would allow Marek and Henri to tip at restaurants and bars without carrying cash. Often they found themselves in an awkward situation whereafter an excellent meal and service, they didn’t have enough cash to leave a tip. Tippy is presently available in Estonia but the goal is to expand to other European markets. The team of seven is lead by Marek Fraczyk and Henri Toivar, who have years of experience in developing mobile applications and web solutions, having previously founded the development company Elevate. The team met during a hackathon held by Vunk, Garage48 and Startup Wise Guys at the end of August, where they won the main prize.


Torelt offers durable but easily adjustable modular furniture. The industry of furniture design has always looked for a mobile solution enabling flexible relocation opportunities of durable modular tables. As Torelt provides the possibility to compile a long straight, zigzag or round table surface, the modules are easily connectable. The team is lead by an interior architect Tea Tammelaan.


Veneerium offers firewood carts removing the hassle of moving wood to the fireplace. With their large and sturdy wheels the carts can even be moved up and down stairs. Besides the practical benefits, the products have aesthetically pleasing design and an exquisite finish. Veneerium’s potential target client is interested in usability, high-quality design and uniqueness of the product, and is not looking for the cheapest price. Veneerium pays great attention to detail and sells personal experience.

Villeman Biotech

Villeman Biotech sought out to develop an organic hair dye that achieves the desired color with less to no damage to the hair. Technology advancements enable attaching the dye to the hair shaft without opening the hair structure, causing minimal stress and irritation. Two biologists make up the core of the team, with some expert help from medical doctors and distinguished scientists.

Viru Ilu

Viru Ilu offers natural cosmetics and homeopatic products based on Estonian national resource Aseri cambrian clay. This clay is the rarest and most ancient of all clays containing a number of minerals and is the most powerful detoxifying properties of all clays. Asery clay products are currently marketed in the domestic market and for local SPAs. The start up is aiming to go international by exporting its products. The team of five is lead by Jana Pavlenkova holding an MSc in Environmental Physics from Tartu University, who is also known as the leader of TEDxNarva.


Wisemile is a social transport network connecting drivers with passengers and package senders. In addition to Wisemile ridesharing application, the company is developing transportation platform for online supermarkets. Transport is one of the greatest obstacles for e-groceries but WiseMile is looking to offer a considerable extra value for them by a P2P transportation platform, as WiseMile enables quick, cheap and widespread transportation opportunities for its peers.


A social media network that gives a new perspective on your life. The slogan of 5sec states – record 5 seconds every day and make a movie of your life with an easy mobile app. Clips can be edited together on our website to create a short movie about your life. Wathing and editing the videos is accessible at

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