The startups competing at Ajujaht have a wide range of needs, which is why mentors play a crucial role.

Each startup entering the accelerator programme is assigned a key mentor who you meet up with on a regular basis and who thinks along with you. Most key mentors are startup founders themselves and are therefore perfectly capable of putting themselves in your shoes .

In addition to key mentors we have a lot of needs – based mentors – their role is to share their expert knowledge in specific questions, and to be present at certain larger mentor events. At these events our goal is to give you as much feedback as possible from a variety of angles. The mentors also come to your aid when yo u have a problem in a n area that they are best equipped to solve – be it a business question or a technical one.

Mentors will be added continuously and if you have a specific wish or a question, we will find you the most suitable mentor from our network!

  • Pavel Karagjaur

    VP Growth at Bolt

  • Triin Kask

    CEO at Plop

  • Martin Villig

    Co-Founder of Bolt / Enthusiast of Education, Startups & Doing Good

  • Ott Jalakas

    Founding partner at NestCap

  • Helery Pops

    Co-founder at Honey Badger Capital

  • Ivo Remmelg

    Founding Partner at NestCap, Venture Partner at Superherocapital, EstBAN President emeritus

  • Rain Sepp

    Founder & CEO of askRobin

  • Mart Maasik

    Investment Director at UniTartu Ventures

  • Markus Lippus

    Co-founder and Data Science Leadof MindTitan

  • Merit Valdsalu

    Co-founder & CEO of Single.Earth

  • Kristian Sägi

    Co-founder of Nevercode Ltd, No Bullsh*t Leader

  • Helen Kokk

    Co-founder of Made By, Digital Product Design Lead

  • Jordan Valdma

    Founder & CEO of Producement

  • Patrick Flesner

    Partner at LeadX Capital Partners, Bestselling Author

  • Peter Komornik

    Co-founder and CEO of Sildo

  • Eve Peeterson

    Head of Startup Estonia

  • Eamonn Carey

    Founding Partner at Tera Ventures

  • Stanislav Ivanov

    General partner in Tera Ventures, Investor

  • Andra Altoa

    Head of Strategy and Customer Insights at SEB Baltic | Excellence Guide in Innovation and Customer Experience

  • Sander Välk

    Innovation Lead @SEB

  • Karin Repp

    Founder & COO at FoodDocs

  • Chris Brown

    AI and Startups at NVIDIA

  • Stepan Galaev

    Investment Director of Galaev & Co

  • Tõnu Esko

    StartUp Advisor, Mentor and Investor / Professor of Human Genomics and Senior Manager at Estonian Biobank

  • Riivo Anton

    Entrepreneur, Investor

  • Ali Adil

    Startup Program Manager at Microsoft, 4+ Years in sales and entrepreneurship

  • Indrek Põldvee

    Founder of B2B Growth I Sales and Marketing Coach

  • Raul Liive

    Head of Product at Veriff

  • Kertu Popp

    Head Entertainment Services at Elisa Eesti AS

  • Mailiis Ploomann

    Elisa Eesti erakliendiüksuse juht ja juhatuse liige

  • Meelis Seer

    Head of New Services at Elisa Eesti AS

  • Tanel Erm

    Head of Microsoft Development Center Estonia

  • Ülane Vilumets

    Founder of Like A Local, Sidetrip and Traveller Tours

  • Mattias Lepp

    Founder at Click & Grow

  • Henn Ruukel

    Principal Group Engineering Manager for IC3 Fraud Prevention team at Microsoft

  • Tõnu Vanatalu

  • Peeter P. Mõtsküla

    Senior Associate at TRINITI

  • Artur Elme

    Chief Development Officer (CDO) at Kaamos

  • Annette Sagri

    Innovation Project Manager | Social Entrepreneur| Financial Inclusion | Digital solutions

  • Kuido Lepik

    Business angel

  • Vaido Mihkeim

    Deep Tech Project Lead @ Startup Estonia

  • Inge Laas

    Innovation Sectoral Manager

  • Howard Kingston

    Digital Marketing Coach | Head of Growth | Growth Hacker | Founder

  • Peeter Kruusvall

    Partner @Optimist Public, Co-Founder @Bookswap Ltd

  • Harri Tallinn

    Partner at CIVITTA | CoFounder of Challenger Accelerator | Angel Investor

  • Ergo Blumfeldt

    Partner | Attorney-at-Law at TRINITI

  • Kristina Lillo

    Innovation Lead at SEB

  • Valter Võhma

    Associate Partner | Attorney-at-Law at TRINITI

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

Initiated by: EAS