Meet the superfinalists – Timey, ALU and Groveneer

17. May 2019

Meet the superfinalists – Timey, ALU and Groveneer

After the seventh show of Ajujaht’s TV season, three of the best business ideas that will be moving on to the superfinal were selected. Timey, ALU and Groveneer will step up in Ajujaht’s live show on 23rd of May at 20.00 in TV3.

Who are they?


Timey is a smart indicator that can be attached to food packaging, crates or more expensive (fish) products. The indicator changes colour if the product hasn’t been kept in the correct conditions. The solution helps producers and distributors make sure that the quality of the products is good when they reach clients.


Boardgame ALU is an exciting strategy game for two players that can be played by blind and ordinary people alike. Board game manufacturers and designers tend to not give attention to people with special needs.


Groveneer is a self-adhesive decorative all made of natural wood. It can be installed in rooms without tools or special skills. Different shades and sizes can be used to create unique patterns. Each self-adhesive sheet has a unique wood grain, which means that each completed wall is one of a kind.

Ajujaht is Estonia`s largest business idea competition. Ajujaht was initiated by Enterprise Estonia, partner SEB and main sponsor Elisa. In addition, Ajujaht supporters include Law Office Triniti, Funderbeam, Lingvist, Estonian Employers` Confederation, Estonian Chamber of Agriculture, Harku Municipality, City of Pärnu, Saue Municipality, City of Tallinn, City of Tartu. Ajujaht is funded by Enterprise Estonia European Regional Development Fund.

 Ajujaht is carried out by Civitta Eesti AS, Miltton JLP and Tehnopol.

Initiated by

The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

Initiated by: EAS