Ajujaht starts a renewed season

3. October 2018

Ajujaht starts a renewed season

The biggest Estonian competition of business ideas is waiting for the ideas until October 28. The prize fund for this year’s Ajujaht is at least 60,000 euros. From this season, the TV show about the competition is moving to TV3, and the new host of the show is Marii Karell.

“The idea of Ajujaht is to encourage people to engage in entrepreneurship and inspire them to start with their business idea”, says founder of the Ajujaht Tanel Rebane, the Director of the the Trade Development Agency of Enetrprise Estonia, and he emphasised that each and every idea is welcomed to the competition. „At the beginning, nobody knows which idea is hiding the next Taxify or Click & Grow. Every year, more than 300 teams come to Ajujaht with their ideas and these people with their energy and enthusiasm are the cornerstones of the new entrepreneurship of Estonia,” said Rebane.

Ajujaht has moved to the new TV channel and there will be a new host for the TV show. The host of the TV show will be Meri Karell, known earlier to Estonian people, and the producer will be Siim Männik. TV show will be broadcasted in TV3 and the show will be on air in spring of 2019.

The last seasons of Ajujaht have been specially productive and several international success stories have come out from among the teams who have entered the program. According to Mart Maasik, the Innovation LAB Director at SEB, not only an unprecedented idea is successful. „It is important to remember that all bright success stories start from small steps. Everybody who is enthusiastic and persistent can come to Ajujaht. The rest is learnt on that journey,“ Maasik invites to submit the ideas to Ajujaht.

Ajujaht helps the participants to gain a good foothold. Markus (MindTitan) who participated in Ajujaht two years ago has currently started cooperation with Elisa. „There are lots of doers in the artificial intelligent area, but actually there are very few projects that are beneficial for the consumer and company in Estonia and even in the whole world. Elisa and MindTitan together have made considerable progress in that area by bringing a chatbot to attend customers and testing the face recognition solution together with the state for identifying persons in the offices of Elisa. Similar cooperation forms are borne from Ajujaht almost every season,“ talks CEO of Elisa, Sami Seppänen about the biggest value to the participants.

Ideas can be submitted to Ajujaht until 28 October 2018. 341 business ideas all over Estonia were submitted to the competition last year.

 Ideas can be submitted here.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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