Toddler helps keep toddlerhood alive in virtual environment

15. March 2019

Toddler helps keep toddlerhood alive in virtual environment

Toddler stands out among other Ajujaht contestants – the two heads of the company Gerta Sarv and Triinu Epler are both expecting.

Their idea is also meant for new parents – a secure online baby journal, where photos of the children, videos and other information that comes with raising kids are kept in one environment.

Photo: JP Hion

We asked Gerta six questions to find out how far they have come with Toddler and what they have gained from Ajujaht.

Please describe Toddler developments during participation in Ajujaht so far?
Before Ajujaht, the idea for Toddler had lingered in the background for a long time due to everyday work and family life. Because of the push we got from Ajujaht trainings and the format, we have finally started developing the platform. We started with the planning phase – Triinu and I had completed the first analyses and forecasts to get a feel of the market. Then, an IT Developer joined the team, who leads another three people on the development team. This month, three more people joined, who help with daily work: two people in marketing– because we want to expand – and one person, who helps put together  research-based information. Currently, we are at a stage where at the beginning of next month, the beta version of the platform will be finished. Ajujaht has given a huge boost of energy!

I understand why you are doing it – recording memories is important to most people. But don`t Facebook and computer files already do the job well enough?
At Toddler, we believe that it shouldn`t be done across several platforms and channels. You lose track of what platform a specific photo was on and which phone had a particular video, as always. We also forget a lot of things. Our aim with Toddler is to provide a place where everything related to the child growing up is conveniently and compactly in one place.

But can this platform be linked up to social media?
Yes, our plan foresees that you can also join Toddler through Facebook or Google. But you don`t have to join through those platforms. Later, it is possible to share saved information to Facebook for example, but that is up to the parent.

What have been the main challenges in developing Toddler?
Delicate personal data – how to guarantee their protection within the application? That topic requires energy and work every week. For example, we are working on which information the parents can share within the platform to their friends.  Also, mapping initial functional needs and simplifying the app have been somewhat challenging. We are trying to emphasize the logic that any thought or event can be uploaded quickly by pressing as few buttons as possible. So small funny moments that come with raising kids don`t get lost.

What do you want to achieve with Toddler?
We are starting in Estonia, which is the most sensible pilot market – we have a test group here and we have already received a lot of feedback from Estonian parents. In the grander scheme of things, our second market is Great Britain. If we can gain a firm footing there, then we will set our sights on Scandinavia and the Baltics. But first, we will try to break into London, by the end of this summer already.

Photo: Airika Vettik

Which cartoon character would you compare yourself to?
Tumbler. We are convinced our idea will be a success and we believe, we have the wilfulness to get somewhere.


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