Submissions now open for Ajujaht

27. September 2017

Submissions now open for Ajujaht

Initiated by Enterprise Estonia, the Ajujaht competition invites you to put your ideas to the test. The prize fund this year is 60,000 euros. Everyone is welcome to participate – school and university students, those who have secured a place on the job market and those seeking new challenges. Submissions are open until 29 October.

Alo Ivask, the chairman of the management board of Enterprise Estonia, says that over 10 seasons more than 4000 ideas have been submitted to Ajujaht. “These include the internationally acclaimed Taxify, Bikeep, which is building smart bicycle parking lots in California, and Jiff, the innovative bus ticket system in Tartu,” he said. “Click & Grow smart pots and SprayPrinter, which is revolutionising street art, also originate from Ajujaht. The competition is a platform for innovation, and I’m sure we’ll see some exciting, perhaps even globally ground-breaking ideas again this season.”

Know of a problem that needs solving?

Only have a rough concept, or perhaps you’ve already built a prototype? It doesn’t really matter. Only one aspect is crucial: if the business idea you submit to Ajujaht hasn’t made you a profit in the six months preceding the deadline for submissions, you’re good to go.

Remember that the coolest and newest ideas could be born right here, right now – and they might be yours! In Ajujaht, you can put your business projects to the test in a safe environment, where there’s nothing to lose. Don’t forget that companies that have changed the world have been founded by young and old, highly educated and the still learning alike. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment – all that counts is what you hope to achieve.

First-rate mentorship and training

Ajujaht provides you with a complete development programme for bringing your ideas to life. You tackle different tasks and training sessions that teach you how to create a start-up company, while mentors ensure a high level of expertise and, what’s most important, you get to meet new people and create useful contacts.

Winner announced during live final show

The 60,000 euro prize fund will give you the starting capital you need, and the TV show allows you to let consumers know about your product. You could be the next winner of Ajujaht and take over the world! The winner will be announced during the live final show on ETV in May 2018.

Register online at or for more details see Facebook.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

Initiated by: EAS