Presenting the winner of our anniversary season: TempID

24. July 2017

Presenting the winner of our anniversary season: TempID

Crowned the winner of Brainhunt, the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia, TempID was awarded a 30,000 EUR star prize and a 5,000 EUR special prize from Viimsi parish. The second place, carrying a 10,000 EUR prize, went to CallMidWife. Finisher.TV came in third, winning 5,000 EUR.

TempID is a reusable smart sticker that measures and records body temperature data. The accompanying mobile app allows one to analyse different health indicators, keep a treatment log, and share the data with a doctor with ease. With each product containing a unique patient code, it can also potentially be used for identifying patients at hospital. TempID cuts down on the resource being spent on health measuring services as well as the cost of care, improving the efficiency of monitoring healthcare data and allowing for more accurate diagnosis for treatment.

According to Erki Mölder, chairman of the board of Enterprise Estonia, choosing a winner was by no means an easy decision. “The winner has both strengths and weaknesses. Despite there already being a few similar solutions on the global market, TempID’s product nevertheless has some very clear advantages – it is flexible, convenient and a relatively lengthy life cycle. They will still need to appoint a designer, though,” said Mölder.

Head of Business Innovation at SEB Mart Maasik noted that teams in the high technology space are often not a natural fit for Brainhunt’s format. “From the moment a team submits their idea, they have six months to develop and bring it to life. As a general rule, teams who rely heavily on engineering capabilities will fall short of time. In half a year, TempID managed to present a market-ready product and also find a nationwide pharmacy chain willing to stock it. Even though there still is room for development in their marketing and sales skills, it is impressive,” he explained.

Sami Seppänen, Managing Director of Elisa, congratulated each of the finalists. “I am very pleased about the first place going to TempID – as an engineer and a pragmatist, I find their idea to be the strongest. In the long run, a particularly valuable opportunity would be to develop TempID’s idea in a way to make it possible to interpret people’s temperature logs for preventing or curing illnesses. With the right partners, they can create a business operation that is difficult to copy but possible to scale internationally,” said Seppänen, foreseeing a bright future for Brainhunt’s winning team.

The programme is available to re-watch here. You can watch the award ceremony here [link missing]. Estonia’s largest competition for business ideas was created by Enterprise Estonia, in partnership with SEB and sponsored by Elisa. Additionally, Brainhunt is supported by Elering, Levira, Nasdaq, Tehnopol, Ülemiste City, the National Foundation of Civil Society, the City of Pärnu, the City of Tallinn, the City of Tartu, the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries, Viimsi Parish and Võru County Government.

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