Three finalists of the Ajujaht program have been selected

21. November 2023

Three finalists of the Ajujaht program have been selected

On Thursday evening, November 16, the Ajujaht TV jury selected the third finalist, who will continue to compete for the prize money of 30,000 euros. Startups Cerebrum Hub, KIUD, and RawEdge will compete in the super final.

“RawEdge, KIUD, and Cerebrum Hub have undergone great development during the accelerator program, they know their customers’ needs, and they have a solid vision and the potential for international success. In addition, they all solve the pain points of today’s society in different areas,” said Eve Peeterson, Head of Startup Estonia and Member of the Jury.

Packaging solutions, probiotic drinks and reskilling platform

Textile waste, the health of the population, and the ability to adapt to the changing labor market are current problems today and in the future. The three best teams that have reached the finals of AjujahT operate in these areas.

According to Peeterson, a product or service has more potential the bigger the problem it solves. “The ideal product or service must offer some value to consumers for which they are willing to pay. This year’s finalists have this value,” he said.

Cerebrum Hub develops a B2C online learning platform that provides results-oriented reskilling programs for working adults. The platform allows adults to learn digital skills in addition to their regular work and make a career change to the technology sector.

KIUD is a company that offers durable packaging material made from recycled textile waste, replacing disposable corrugated cardboard and veneer in the packaging industry. Their goal is to reach with their product to large companies with a clear environmental vision.

RawEdge produces 100% natural vegetable and berry juice fermented with lactic acid bacteria, a probiotic low-calorie drink that does not contain caffeine, artificial additives, or added sugar. RawEdge got the chance to join the Ajujaht TOP 20 teams a few months later because they made a big leap in development in a few months.

The winner will be determined in the super-final. The super finalists will enter the competition for the last time on the evening of November 30 in the ETV final show, in which the winner of the 16th season of Ajujaht will be determined.

The winner of the Ajujaht will receive a prize money of at least 30,000 euros, and the second and third place will also receive worthy prizes. In addition, the partners and supporters of the program give out special prizes for which all startups that have reached the accelerator program apply. In addition, under the leadership of the Estonian Business Angels Network, angel investors put up an investment of 150,000 euros for a team of their choice.

The prize pool also includes tickets to startup community events and participation in one of the world’s largest innovation conferences, Web Summit.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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