Microsoft becomes Ajujaht supporter to help business ideas with global ambitions

2. November 2020

Microsoft becomes Ajujaht supporter to help business ideas with global ambitions

Estonia’s largest business idea competition Ajujaht will start cooperating with Microsoft Development and Sales unit in Estonia.

From this season, Tanel Erm, the head of the Microsoft Development Center, and Mihkel Rembel, the head of the Microsoft Estonia start-up program, will join the Ajujahi juries. With its expertise, Microsoft contributes to teams that set big goals in the technology sector.

Tanel Erm is a technology expert who worked in the Skype and Microsoft ecosystem for 15 years, starting as a junior engineer. In addition to managing the development center, he has led various product teams in areas such as voice and messaging technology, anti-fraud, data analysis and e-commerce, and has helped bring the development of new Microsoft products to Estonia. Tanel is captivated by ideas that deal with real-life problems – ideas that help make work and private life more efficient and comfortable through innovation.

Mihkel Rembel has previously sold three of his own micro-enterprises, managed projects in the financial sector for six years, led projects related to sustainability and trained sales teams. The key words to get Rembel’s attention when presenting an idea are: “a thoughtful sales strategy”; “how a sustainable mentality ensures higher profitability”; “technological innovation” and “ease of implementation”.

Tanel Erm made the point that Microsoft representatives measure the success of teams on the basis of cooperation skills. “The foundation and metrics of Microsoft’s work culture are the ability to collaborate and engage others’ ideas, skills and technology to achieve goals. According to similar indicators, I evaluate the innovative participants of Ajujaht,” said Erm. At the competition, both men hope to see technologically savvy teams, who would be good partners for corporations in the future.

Erm thought that in addition to cooperation skills, the ability to dream big counts. “We live in a small country, but the Microsoft development center in Estonia, which grew out of Skype, is an example of how small but ambitious go a long way.

In addition to financial support and feedback on ideas, Microsoft will contribute to Ajujaht with mentoring once the top 30 teams have been selected by the end of November.

Estonia’s largest business idea competition Ajujaht is waiting for business ideas until November 1st.

Ajujaht was brought to life by Enterprise Estonia. Its main partner is SEB and major sponsors Elisa, Maxima and Microsoft. In addition, Ajujaht is supported by law firm Triniti, City of Tartu, Tallinn Enterprise Board, City of Pärnu, Saue Parish, Tartu Centre for Creative Industries. Ajujaht is financed by Enterprise Estonia from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund. Ajujaht is carried out by Civitta Eesti, Miltton and Tehnopol.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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