SEE which teams received special awards at Ajujaht!

1. June 2021

SEE which teams received special awards at Ajujaht!

As is tradition, a number of special trophies from Ajujaht sponsors were awarded alongside the main prizes at the competition. We publish the winners of the special awards together with comments from the sponsors.

SEB special prize for positive impact of 5000 euros – Mentornaut

This year, SEB awarded the SEB Positive Impact Special Award and the accompanying 5,000 euros to the online platform Mentornaut. With Mentornaut’s help, SEB Heategevusfond (SEB Charity Fund) offers all children from Estonian substitute and care families the opportunity to use assistant teacher services for free.

In previous years, SEB has awarded a special award to the best social enterprise. This year, the categories were extended beyond the social aspects to include even more positive companies. The € 5,000 prize is designed to promote sustainable entrepreneurship.

“We have divided positive impact into three areas,” explains Andra Altoa , Head of Strategy and Customer Experience at SEB Baltic division. “Impact on the environment, on social aspects or on the company’s own management. That’s why teams from very different fields were able to compete for the award. ”

This year, Mentornaut ‘s successful team (Mentornaut also received a 100,000 euro business angel investment – ed.) helps to address aspects of social impact and solve a problem that many students and their parents have had to face -finding a reliable and good assistant teacher.

Tartu City special award of 5000 euros – Münt

Münt, who won the 14th season of Ajujaht and earned the main prize of 30,000 euros, also proved to be the recipient of the special prize from the city of Tartu. The city was represented by Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamm at the ceremonial presentation of special awards on Thursday.

Tamm pointed out how Münt fits with the vision of Tartu city leaders and the people of the city by doing sustainable and greener business, so that future generations could also have a pleasant environment in which to live. “Münt represents innovation, energy and matches the values of the city of Tartu,” said Tamm.

Thus, the winning amount Münt at Ajujaht rose to 35,000 euros.

Saue county special prize of 4000 euros – Tamiatics

Saue, the fastest growing and most active municipality in Estonia, has been among the supporters of Ajujaht for several years. As during previous seasons, the people of Saue were able to vote online and choose which team deserves a special award from the municipality.

As a result of an intense voting period, the chosen winner is Tamiatics , creator horticultural software from Pärnu County, who reached the TOP6 round of Ajujaht. The award was presented to them by Saue rural municipality mayor Andres Laisk, who expects great deeds from the team in the coming years. Who knows, perhaps Saue’s new alleys and flower fields are in bloom because of Tamiatics software.

Tallinn city special prize of 3000 euros – DeepPeat

The special prize from the city of Tallinn was awarded to DeepPeat, a company founded by Henri Pihelga and Ats Oskar Laansalu, graduates of Tallinn Mustamäe Gymnasium, whose peat mats might become an important tool for reducing environmental pollution.

The city of Tallinn has been a partner for Ajujaht since the beginning of the competition, presenting a special prize for an idea that improves the urban or business environment every year.

On Thursday, the winner was announced in the final programme of Ajujaht by Aivar Riisalu , Deputy Mayor of Tallinn. Riisalu praised the young entrepreneurs for finding new business opportunities through responsible action, the realization of which may have a global impact in the future.

DeepPeat is one of the few providers of environmentally friendly means of oil spill cleanup that does not harm the environment in the manufacture of products or the clean-up of water or land from oil spills.

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