Net Group joined the supporters of Ajujaht

10. October 2023

Net Group joined the supporters of Ajujaht

Estonian business and software company Net Group started cooperation with the Ajujaht program. The company helps start-ups participating in the accelerator program develop scalable business models and supports them on their growth journey. In addition, the company offers a special prize, which is eight hours of Net Group’s CTO service.

According to Siim Lepisk, Net Group’s Head of Innovation, Net Group offers solutions that combine innovative business models with technology. “Technology is one of the cornerstones of today’s success. In every sector and business, there are places where technology can enhance a company’s business model or processes. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to be at the start of new business models, to find common ground with start-ups participating in Ajujaht, and to help them take a step forward based on the existing experience of the Net Group team,” said Lepisk.

“Net Group becoming a supporter of Ajujaht and joining as a mentor for start-ups participating in the program is positive news. The company has long-term experience in developing innovative solutions in various sectors, including e-commerce, e-governance, financial technology, digital utilities, and business digitalization,” explained Ajujaht program manager Harri Tallinn.

Net Group has set itself the goal of business development through innovation and digitalization, which, according to Tallinn, is very important for many start-ups at this year’s Ajujaht, regardless of whether their business deals with software development or a physical product. an experienced partner who knows how to think along and navigate faster through the bottlenecks that arise,” described Ajujaht’s program manager.

Net Group has cooperation experience with Steelmonitor, a start-up company that participated in the Ajujaht accelerator program in the last season, according to whom Net Group is the most commercially minded software development partner in Estonia. Net Group supports Steelmonitor with the service of a CTO, i.e. technology manager, i.e. together we develop the software solution that best supports the company’s goals and supports the scaling of the business model.

In addition to mentoring, Net Group is offering a special prize of eight hours of technology manager service to one of the Ajujaht teams to promote their business. “Every progressive company needs a technology manager to ensure a product or service that meets customer and market expectations and thus achieves a competitive advantage. For a start-up company, which inevitably has limited resources, it is wise to have an out-of-house CTO handle technology issues on a CTO-as-a-service basis. This means that the company buys the service of a technology manager and does not immediately hire a technology manager who may not be needed full-time. In many ways, agencies are used for advertising or law firms for legal purposes,” Lepisk explained.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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