Aligner to build the world’s largest translation agency

6. January 2020

Aligner to build the world’s largest translation agency, one of the thirty best business ideas in the Brain Hunt’s Development Program, introduced a platform that helps to translate and simultaneously update content in multiple languages in addition to convenient translation services.

“If you need to update your product description for example in seven languages, there ain’t any good solution on the market,” says Sandra Roosna, the founder of Aligner. Aligner solves this problem.

Aligner is a translation tool for everyone who creates content and works with texts in different languages. It is already used by many marketers, journalists, small and medium-size teams. “You need reliable translations to get ready fast, that’s why we built a solution that helps companies to save time without compromising quality. The process is simple: upload your text, choose to translate using a machine or get a professional translator to do this, get an instant offer and price and confirm your order, ”says Sandra Roosna.

While traditional translation service can take days to get ready, Aligner completes 85% of translation projects within 6 hours. Users can choose whether to use immediate and free machine translation and edit it immediately or to outsource translation from freelancers. With Aligner, translation requests are securely delivered to around 200,000 freelance translators worldwide who can provide translations in nearly 140 languages. For example, you can translate from Georgian to Albanian as well as Japanese to Estonian.

When asking whether anything like this has ever been done before, Sandra says, the software solutions on the market are mainly for developers or professional translators. The advantage of Aligner, above all, is its simple user-interface, which hides a rather complex mechanism called Aligner DNA. It allows you to add unlimited translations to a single document, save text versions and automatically update them all together. “Every change in the text is fixed and its location in other languages is also known, just apply the translation needed,” he says.

Aligner has launched two translation services. Aligner Go, which allows you to upload a text document without logging in and translate it on the go, and Aligner Core, which allows you to use Google Neural Machine Translation besides ordering translations and to edit the text in multiple languages using Aligner DNA technology.

The Aligner team currently has five members. Three of them are former developers of the business software company ERPLY and two are business developers. Sandra is the executive management of Aligner. She is also a co-author of a book calles “eGovernance in Practice” and has led the development of a Smart-ID identification solution.

Currently, the free version of Aligner is used by more than 400 people in 25 countries. However, the team has a high level of ambition and is currently aiming to increase weekly new user growth by 25 per cent. “We measure the number of pages translated, the number of new users and the revenue. But the most important metric for us right now is the growth in new users,” says Sandra.

In addition to participating in the Brain Hunt Development Program, Aligner team’s big goal is to translate 100,000 pages this year, which would put the team among Europe’s fastest-growing startups.

For more information have a look at Aligner’s webpage.

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