Aligner, Pagerr, and Sharewell qualified for the final

26. March 2020

Aligner, Pagerr, and Sharewell qualified for the final

All three teams will give their final pitch on April 2 on TV3 on the final show of Brain Hunt. The finale jury will select the winner of Brain Hunt, which will receive € 30 000. Estonian angel investors will announce the team, who will get a € 65 000 syndicate investment.

Aligner helps businesses and people save time while translating and editing multilingual texts. Aligner develops web-based software that can translate documents into more than 140 languages with the help of a professional translator or neuromuscular translator, and much faster than traditional translation agencies. Aligner also helps you edit, update, and share multilingual texts within your team, clients, or others. Aligner team is mentored by Ott Jalakas, founder of Lingvist.

Team Pagerr provides a service for businesses and individuals to help save the environment when ordering prints. The Pagerr solution directs on-demand printing to an otherwise unused surface in printers. Pagerr offers a cheaper price for the client than traditional printing houses. The team is mentored by Maxima Sales and Marketing Director Janne Laik.

Sharewell is helping companies find test users for new products and developments. On the Sharewell platform, a questionnaire can be created and sent to the target audience to respond. Sharewell’s solution saves you time and helps you quickly and cost-effectively test ideas, products, and get feedback on your developments. Sharewell’s team is mentored by EstBAN President Ivo Remmelg.

A record 140,000 euros will be given out to Brain Hunt teams this year. The main prize of the competition is € 30,000, with second and third places receiving € 15,000 and € 5,000 respectively. In addition, Estonian Business Angels Network’s angel investors are putting up a € 65,000 investment to one team.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, for the first time in history, the final show will be recorded beforehand. The last show will air on April 2, 2020, at 8 PM on TV3.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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