Surprising news from Ajujaht: Raw Edge joins Ajujaht’s TOP 20 

14. June 2023

Surprising news from Ajujaht: Raw Edge joins Ajujaht’s TOP 20 

For the first time in the history of Ajujaht, a team will get another chance to join the accelerator program. According to the team lead of Ajujaht, Raw Edge has proven itself in a couple of months and has made a big leap in its development. This is why the start-up, which produces fermented probiotic drinks is given a new opportunity to join the Ajujaht accelerator program halfway. 

 According to Harri Tallinn, the long-term leader of Ajujaht, the founders of Raw Edge stood out in the preliminary rounds as an extremely motivated and determined team. However, they were left out of the competition, due to their product being too far from being launched on the market, in the preliminary rounds, and the jury was doubtful whether they would catch up with the others during the accelerator program. “In the few months, Raw Edge has grown rapidly and proven itself to have reached a stage of development where they have a lot to gain from the Ajujaht program. Raw Edge is healthy and tastes good – there could be a demand for these products on the market, and with the right guidance, they can be very successful,” explained Tallinn.  

Mariliis Mia Topp, the co-founder of Raw Edge, said that compared to the spring, their probiotic drink has now a commercial appearance, and they have also made companies first presentation at the well-known start-up event Latitude59, which received a lot of positive feedback. “This month all three exciting flavors of the drink will be put into production. Currently, we are working in full swing so that Raw Edge’s functional drink with billions of good bacteria, with extremely low calories, to also be available in retail,” said Topp. She added that product development is already underway to create other products using the same technology. For example, they plan to produce probiotic, tasty, and low-calorie gummies, in which, thanks to technology, naturally occurring sugars are minimized. “Imagine enjoying gummies and supporting gut biodiversity, and at the same time eating vegetables without consuming excess calories and sugar,” said Topp. The product design uses the design of Estonian artists Karmo Ruusmaa and Britt Ressari. 

“We have realized that our customer profile is wider than we first thought. Regardless of whether you are a child or an adult, your gut microbiome needs support. With various products, we give you the opportunity and taste to consume the lactic acid bacteria necessary for the body in a form that suits you,” said the co-founder of Raw Edge. 

Raw Edge is a 100% natural vegetable and berry juice fermented with lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, and a low-calorie drink that does not contain caffeine, artificial additives, or added sugar. The drink contains natural good bacteria that support the microflora of the stomach and thereby improve both well-being, health, and athletic performance, and it tastes extremely good. Three flavors are coming to the market soon: carrot with dragon fruit, carrot with pineapple, and beet-blackcurrant. The drinks have so far positively surprised even those who have not been fans of health or vegetable juices. 

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