Steelmonitor, Complok, and Crump qualified for the final

25. November 2022

Steelmonitor, Complok, and Crump qualified for the final

On the evening of November 24, the Ajujaht jury selected the last super-finalist, who will continue to compete for the prize money of 30,000 euros. The winner will be announced live on the evening of December 8.

All three finalists will present their last pitch on the evening of December 8 in the final episode of Ajujaht on ETV. The team’s performance will be assessed by a 5-member jury including Eve Peeterson (Head of Startup Estonia, which is part of the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency), Mailiis Ploomann (Member of the Management Board at Elisa Estonia), Peeter Koppel (Private Banking Strategist at SEB Estonia), Tanel Erm (Head of Microsoft Development Center Estonia) and Martin Villig (the co-founder of Bolt).

According to Eve Peeterson, head of Startup Estonia and member of the jury, all finalists are outstanding in solving a problem in their field. „This year we have industrial innovation Steelmonitor, food innovation Crump and training innovation Complok – three very different, but highly ambitious teams, who already have solid clientele and potential for International success. The final will be exciting and I recommend everyone not to miss it,“ said Peeterson.

Who exactly are this year’s finalists?

The first team in the finals, Steelmonitor, gathers the unused steel profile stocks of companies producing steel structures on its platform. With this, the company also enables other interested parties to buy them and manage and sell their inventory.

The second finalist, Complok, offers an innovative and simple way for financial institutions to conduct mandatory anti-money laundering training. Each person who successfully completes the training will receive a certificate based on blockchain technology, with the help of which financial institutions can prove compliance with the law to regulators.

The third finalist is Crump – a  company that produces granules made from ecological hemp and peas. The granules become a minced meat-like superfood when in contact with water and a pan. The product contains twice as much protein as beef and keeps for two years at room temperature.

What does this year’s prize fund consist of?

The prize fund of the jubilee season is a record high – its value is more than 300,000 euros!

The first prize in the competition is 30,000 euros, and the second and third places receive 15,000 and 7,500 euros, respectively. In addition, angel investors of the Network of Estonian Business Angels put up an investment of 150,000 euros for a team of their choice.

Furthermore, the prize fund also includes Amazon Cloud credit according to the needs of each team, a Ca V-Online recruitment starter package, tickets to startup community events sTARTUp Day and Impact Day in Estonia, and participation in one of the world’s largest innovation conferences, Web Summit.

During the anniversary season, the partners of Ajujaht will also give out several special prizes (both monetary and non-monetary), and for the first time in the history of Ajujaht, one participant will receive exclusive Office space for free for a year from Kaamos Group.

The program, which takes place until the end of the year and was initiated by the joint enterprise of Enterprise Estonia and KredEx, stands on long-time experience and has been created to support the fast growth of start-ups.

Close to 5,000 business ideas have been submitted to Ajujaht throughout the years, and multiple local and international success stories have taken off through the government department program. Among the most known alumni are, example, Bolt, Bikeep, Click & Grow, GoWorkaBit, FoodDocs, Groveneer, Timbeter, and many others.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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