Sharewell brings client feedback to your fingertips

13. January 2020

Sharewell brings client feedback to your fingertips

Sharewell, who has been among the thirty best in Estonia’s biggest business idea competition, Ajujaht, is developing a platform and service that allows you to test your product and service with instant research and get instant feedback. We took a closer look at team leader Sten Kreisberg for what Sharewell offers and who their service is for.


What’s your idea?

Sharewell is a platform that helps users easily test and gather feedback on a product under development. Users, who would be unfamiliar with the product, but at the same time relevant as a target audience. In essence, these are tests or questionnaires that, through Sharewell, go to a specific audience for feedback. A limited amount of time can be set for answering questions to have more honest answers.

So you do research?

In principle, yes. We also offer, if a developer wants to test the performance of a program snippet on a test user, he or she can do it with us. Also, in the future, we want to provide emotion tracking and the ability to see what the person is doing behind the computer screen.

Is it only for development and IT products or can feedback be collected on a physical product?

Our tests and studies fall into the online and offline categories. In the latter case, the client can select the appropriate target audience, offer times and locations where the testing could take place. Our system does whatever else is necessary.

How do you find the target audience who will answer the questions?

We provide testers with the opportunity to earn extra money with it. For example, if the average test is 15 minutes long and the participant receives, for example, three euros, attending tests regularly leads to significant amounts by the end of the month.

Give an example of a potential customer.

There is a lot of potential in the market. We are currently in contact with one of the largest and most well-known user experience, business intelligence and software development company. There are also many other areas of interest. We also see great benefits for startups who may lack the ability and knowledge to find the right test clients.

Why and who needs it?

This is needed for anyone who wants to get adequate feedback on their product or service. By this, I mean that feedback is often not collected at all or is not done with the right target audience. It is also often not known how to find the right target audience and get feedback from them. All of this can be a long and time-consuming process. We want to simplify it.

How did the idea got started?

From personal experience, where else. When Sharewell’s co-founder Igor Mururuev took part in a company survey and saw how arduous it was for them. However, the first idea born at that time has evolved significantly, and the current solution creates more opportunities and value for customers.

Has this been done in the world? If so, how do you do it better?

There are similar solutions, but their technologies are old. Besides, there are many incomplete solutions where, as a user, you get only one thing or another. We want to provide value from simple questionnaires to complex solutions where you can measure people’s emotions and more.

How big is your team and who’s in it?

There are currently two people on the team. Igor Murujev, who is responsible for IT development and I look for clients, sales and strategy. In the near future, we plan to expand the team, as we will not be able to do everything ourselves. We have also outsourced various services, but this is not sustainable in the long run.

What do you need most now to move forward with the idea?

Time! As we are doing Sharewell in addition to our main job, having the time to do everything is limited.

Have you set goals for Ajujaht too? Where would you like to go with the help of Ajujaht?

We sent our idea to Ajujaht just before the deadline, but since we are both ambitious enough, we still want to win the competition. It will certainly not be an easy challenge as Ajujaht has many strong teams this year.

What are you most afraid of when developing your business?

Losing focus. Because we see many possible developments in the business, it can easily happen.
We have now realized that we need to follow developments in several phases. The first step is to get the company up and running to have an MVP for the first customers and the first cash flow. Then we can move on.

What will you achieve in the next 12 months?

By the end of January, we want to take Sharewell to our first customers. Negotiations are already underway. From there, we would need to find another 3-4 clients to test with in the first few months. By the end of the year, we want to have about 20 clients. Then we could head to Scandinavia.

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