Forty has become twenty! Have a look at which start-ups made it to the Ajujaht business accelerator programme!

13. June 2022

Forty has become twenty! Have a look at which start-ups made it to the Ajujaht business accelerator programme!

During the past two weekends, twenty of the strongest start-ups that will continue their journey in the Ajujaht accelerator programme were chosen from the forty. What are these twenty best start-ups that might include Estonia’s next unicorn?

According to Eve Peeterson, the Head of Startup Estonia, a member of the joint organisation Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and KredEx, the idea and market potential, implementation of ideas, teams, and their mentorability, as well as what they can gain from Ajujaht, were all considered when evaluating the start-ups.

“All in all, the most important thing was whether we believe in the team and their activities and how beneficial could the Ajujaht accelerator programme be for their leap in development. In addition to innovative ideas, the start-ups that moved on also stood out thanks to their openness, ability to take into consideration the feedback submitted by the mentors, their confidence, and intent, which are all also very important in the coming stages,” said Peeterson.

All of the successful teams will be completing the full accelerator programme. The goal of the programme is to help companies become an investor-ready and scaling business. Support will also be offered for finding customers, entering the export market, and raising capital. The teams are supported by key mentors, who share practical advice throughout the programme.

Overview of the TOP20 start-ups that will be continuing their journey in the Ajujaht business accelerator:

  1. Kõnekindlus

The company manufactures and sells speech therapy games and technical aids developed in collaboration with specialists and aimed at supporting speech development and solving speech impediments treatable with speech therapy.

  1. Medbites

A platform which allows nurses to apply for temporary working shifts at hospitals quickly and easily.

  1. Kohalt

A refillable modular container for cleaning agents that can be monitored remotely and allows sellers to observe the needs of their customers from a distance and serve them economically and cost-efficiently by reducing packaging expenses by at least 70%.

  1. Complok Learning

An all-in-one anti money laundering web-based training platform for financial institutions which makes the journey through the AML rules and regulations smoother.

  1. Drycycle

A company which manufactures water-proof multifunctional bicycle saddle bag and cover sets and other bicycle accessories.

  1. Fitsphere

An application which rewards the user’s physical activity. The goal is to motivate people to be more physically active by offering prizes and making special offers for the steps walked by them.

  1. C-Box

A company which installs jointly used parcel machines with temperature controls in front of apartment complexes in Europe. The machines can collect parcels from couriers, merchants, and also private persons.

  1. Cryplect

A company which connects basketball teams and fans through an interactive entertainment platform. On the platform, each basketball fan can create a collection of their favourite players, sell collected cards or use them in the Cryplectplay game.

  1. Fixmytruck

A platform for repairing heavy machinery which helps owners of heavy machinery reduce their repair costs and repair shops find reliable customers.

  1. Yesbag

A complete solution of reusable bags for grocery stores and cafés for online and offline delivery and takeaway food products.

  1. Fixpark

A cybersecurity platform which helps prevent cyberattacks by detecting the weak points of web applications. Additionally, the platform keeps a 24/7 eye on both the movements of the visitors and their reputation on the internet.

  1. Filaret

A company which collects and processes cigarette bud waste into an environmentally friendly, innovative and composting 3D-printing raw material, bringing disregarded resources back into circulation.

  1. Tuker

A solution which rewards good service quality without using cash, thereby raising service quality.

  1. MyCeen

A company which develops compostable products based on mycelium and organic waste materials.

  1. Dreamsville

A product development and marketing company which aims to offer sustainable and personal complete products for the bedroom.

  1. Steelmonitor

A steel profile ordering software which collects the unused inventory states of manufacturing companies to its platform and allows others to buy them and sell their own inventories.

  1. Crump

A company which produces granules made from ecological hemp and peas. The granules become a minced meat-like superfood when in contact with water and a pan.

  1. Pickitwise

A company which rents robotic hands used for picking strawberries. The hands can detect ripe and unflawed berries and gently pick them into the crate.

  1. Justacart

A shopping cart fitted with artificial intelligence which allows for payments without waiting in line and without purchase checks. Additionally, Justacart helps find products in stores and suggests discounts.

  1. Bariki

A company which produces carbon neutral heating pellets out of horse manure and litter. Thanks to their properties, the pellets provide a good alternative to usual wood pellets.


The programme, which takes place until the end of the year and was initiated by the joint enterprise of Enterprise Estonia and KredEx, stands on long-time experience and has been created to support the fast growth of start-ups. This year, support and investments worth more than €300,000 await the participants.

The development of this exciting programme and the teams will be covered in the 8-episode TV show airing on ETV from October to December.

Close to 5,000 business ideas have been submitted to Ajujaht throughout the years, and multiple local and international success stories have taken off through the government department programme. Among the most known alumni are, for example, Bolt, Bikeep, Click & Grow, GoWorkaBit, FoodDocs, Groveneer, Timbeter, and many others.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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