Finalist Aligner: It’s hard to keep a smile because we made the product we needed so much

31. March 2020

Finalist Aligner: It’s hard to keep a smile because we made the product we needed so much

Last time we talked to the team was when they had access to the Brain Hunt Development Program in their pocket. Three months, four training sessions and countless mentoring sessions with Brain Hunt supporters and jury members have brought the team home to the finals. You can read this interview here.

We took a closer look at co-founder Sandra Roosna’s thoughts and emotions circling prior to the final and how they look back to the recent months.

But first, who hasn’ heard of Aligner yet: Aligner is developing web software to help web content creators manage the processes of creating and managing multilingual content. With Aligner, you can translate texts into more than 140 languages, involve a professional translator or neural machine translation, and organize your workflow by engaging teammates or connecting Aligner to your website and Google Docs. From now on, updates can be made quickly and conveniently in all languages simultaneously.

If you compare your team and company status before the Brain Hunt and now before the finals, what has been the biggest change?

Today, Aligner is a million-dollar team and product thanks to Brain Hunt! Ten million tomorrow and a hundred million the day after tomorrow. The input of coaches and mentors has helped us expand to international markets today and reach 1300 users. Throughout the development program of Brain Hunt, we became much clearer about what Aligner is and what value it creates.

What has your teammates surprised you on this Brain Journey?

Our development team is a fantastic trio: Alex, Guido, and Hans are the real creators who have done it all. Before the Brain Hunt finale, they found a solution to a technically big problem – how to keep documents in different languages always in sync, or how to make changes to texts so that they could reach 30 different languages at once. Now it works like clockwork for us.

We use Aligner on a daily basis and it’s hard to keep a smile because we made the product we needed so much.

Which feedback from the jury has been most helpful?

Linguist’s founder Ott Jalakas and Aligner are a perfect match. Our flip has been great and Ott was able to wisely guide us to the focus that we had a few weeks ago. Being an international company, they had a clear understanding of the problem.

Sami Seppänen has asked us a lot about numbers, but it’s important for us and everyone else to understand the value that our product adds to numbers. In the early stages, it is the idea, the people and the mission that help to achieve a scalable business model.

The corona crisis disrupts and even destroys many business models and supply chains. Has your team been affected by this crisis and how? What are you thinking more about?

We saw Aligner user activity increase by 60 per cent in March. In times of crisis, communication is a very business-critical activity and the fast translation is a very important part of it. Fortunately, our product is not an airfare app. We believe that the crisis will make us even more necessary for our users.

What teams will you keep in touch after Brain Hunt?

An awesome network is one of the benefits of Brain Hunt. There are many cool teams this year like CommuniCare, Pagerr, Cumin, LeVinum, Sharewell and Bidrento. We met a lot of cool people to just want to hire them. Also, the entire Brain Hunt organization team is top-notch!

Which famous quote would you use to summarize your service/idea status before the finals?

“What is the use of an idea if it remains an idea? Give it a try. Let’s try. Fail. Try again. Change the world. ”

“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. File. Try again. Change the world. ”

by Simon Sinek, translated in Aligner 🙂

What do you do with the prize money?

Let’s make Aligner a unicorn. We are building a global web-based software that provides a solution to the ever-growing globalization problem.

The Brain Hunt Communication Team thanks Aligner for his awesome collaboration and exciting conversations!

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