Ajujaht & Tehnopol: Growth Hacks for Growing Talents

Tallinn, Tehnopol, Mäealuse 2/1

25 veebr.

A quality startup can be detected by its team and these days, HR managers are resembling architects. However, instead of bricks, they work with people and help to build a strong team and develop company’s culture.

How to find and boost talent growth in a growing company?
Which qualities should a strong startup hold?
What are the main aspects in building a team that can later sink your startup?

On 25 February, we give the floor to true teambuilding captains – HR managers and HR architects. Join us at Tehnopol Startup Incubator for a debate and discussion where some of the fastest growing startups are presented:

We welcome:
Kristina Lilleõis, head of HR at Veriff
Jane Muts, HR architect at LeapIN
Reelika Maranik, HR Marketing and Internal Communication Manager at Cleveron
Riina Einberg, Director of Operations at Taxify

Event is powered by Tehnopol which helps to grow early stage companies and Ajujaht, the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia.

To participate, register here.

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