Brainhunt’s supporters give out a number of special prizes this season

24. July 2017

Brainhunt’s supporters give out a number of special prizes this season

The prize fund for this anniversary season was 60,000 EUR in full and was distributed between the teams who had been selected for the TV round.

The season winner, TempID, was awarded 30,000 EUR from the fund; the runner-up Callmidwife received 10,000 EUR and Finisher.TV gained 5,000 EUR in third place. In addition to these star prizes, supporters of this season also gave out several special awards.

Additional awards were handed to the three finalists as well as other teams competing in the TV round. These special prizes encompassed not only monetary rewards but were also based on the products and services of our supporters.

SEB Estonia and the National Foundation of Civil Society had set aside a cash injection for any business idea from the social enterprise category that would get the furthest in the programme. It was ultimately awarded to Merkuur – formerly named Mobiilsed Töötoad (Mobile Workshops in English) – which had reached the Top 30. Finisher.TV, that came third in the whole competition, also gained an additional 2,000 EUR special prize from the City Enterprise Department of Tallinn.

This season also stood out for the remarkable support shown by communities for ideas originating from their fold. The City of Tartu, Viimsi Parish and Võru County Government all gave out cash prizes. The City of Tartu supported Cody, a student team from the University of Tartu, with 4,000 EUR; Võru County Government gifted 2,200 EUR to family enterprise Woodprint that hails from Rõuge; and Viimsi Parish gave out 5,000 EUR to the Viimsi team who got the furthest in Brainhunt’s anniversary season, which this year turned out to be the winning team TempID.

As money is not the only component necessary to build a business, our supporters also presented awards based on several products and services. In that vein, our trusted supporter and partner Levira gave the Finisher.TV team cloud services worth 1,500 EUR. Additionally, Tehnopol’s Startup Incubator supported TempID with 5,000 EUR worth of incubation services and the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries will give Gneissform, a team who had made it to the Top 30, incubation services for two years. Fanvestory were awarded office space for three months by Lift99 while our partner SEB will offer the winning team marketing support in their proprietary channels.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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