Brain Hunt starts again. Win over 100 000 euros with a brilliant business idea!

14. September 2020

Brain Hunt starts again. Win over 100 000 euros with a brilliant business idea!

Ajujaht seeks the best business idea in Estonia and, together with supporters and Estonian angel investors, distributes record start-up capital to implement the ideas!

Ajujaht is Estonia’s largest business idea competition and accelerator of ideas, which offers an intensive and high-level development program for starting a business, an experienced mentor network and the opportunity to get your door in the door.

Ideas for the 13th season of brainstorming can be submitted until midnight on Sunday, October 25. To submit an idea, you need to join the F6S environment, where we have created a questionnaire so that you can present your business idea as well as possible.

Start submitting your business idea here

You do not have to fill in the form at once, but you can do it gradually, thinking through all the points and important information in your head. It is important that the questionnaire is submitted by midnight on October 25.

Don’t worry about the rawness of your idea. Everyone is welcome to submit their business ideas to Brain Hunt – both young and experienced, studying and working, as well as those who already have business experience in their back pocket, but want a career change.

There is only one condition – the idea must not have earned financial income for more than 6 months.

If you still have questions, look, maybe you’ll get an answer below. If not, send us an e-mail or send a message on Facebook and we will definitely find the answers.

Questions and answers

Can teams and ideas from previous seasons re-engage in Brain Hunt?

Yes. If you have applied before but have not been lucky, we are waiting for you to apply again. You can also feel free to come to Brain Hunt again with another business idea. The only condition of the competition is that the submitted idea has not earned income during the last 6 months from the deadline for applying for the competition (October 25).

How big is it and how is the Brain Hunt prize fund distributed?

The Brain Hunt prize fund is over 100,000 euros this year as well, and it also includes a large investment from Estonian angel investors. The prize fund is divided between the 30 best teams that have made it to the development program. Although the lion’s share is divided between the three best, we also issue several special prizes in co-operation with supporters. The winner of the brain hunt will take home a start-up capital of 30,000 euros. Second and third places EUR 15,000 and EUR 5,000 respectively. To these amounts may be added special prizes presented by supporters. The investment will be provided by a team selected by a three-member investor steering group.

Are there age restrictions for participants?

No, there are not. Students, as well as active people already in the labor market, can submit their ideas, regardless of age. We believe that a person of any experience and age can start a business. If it turns out that the team needs to be supplemented to develop and implement the idea, we will also contribute to it.

What field should the business idea be from? Is it just in the IT field?

No, there are no restrictions. Brain Hunt is a competition of ideas and ideas from all kinds of fields and sectors are welcome. Brain Hunt has supporters from experts in various fields, so we can provide development support for business ideas from different fields. Business ideas are expected from the fields of social entrepreneurship, environment, health and medicine, as well as, for example, creative industries, design or music industry. Of course, all kinds of IT-changing business ideas change the world!

Will Brain Hunt give me a mentor?

Yes. All teams participating in the Brain Hunt Development Program will receive a mentor (or several!) who is an expert in their field. But you can enter Brain Hunt with your own mentor if the team already has a good advisor. The role of the mentor is to help and support the team in thinking through the idea, developing it and giving feedback. Implementing the idea is still the task of the team participating in Brain Hunt.

In what language should the idea be submitted to Brain Hunt?

Ideas can be sent through the dedicated environment (F6S) by filling in the application in Estonian or English, as all submitted ideas go through the first evaluation round electronically. Brain Hunt trainings and events take place later in both Estonian and English, so it is useful for participants to know both languages. However, the official working language of Brain Hunt is Estonian, which is why there must be at least one member of each team who speaks Estonian. On the other hand, we do not require proficiency in Estonian as a mother tongue, but sufficient understanding and self-expression.

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The Ajujaht accelerator programme and TV competition is a collaboration between the public and private sectors and is created by Enterprise Estonia.

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